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There are key differences between Attacks and Special Attacks in Pokemon Unite, and they depend on which Pokemon and which item is chosen.

Pokemon are classified as a Physical Attacker or a Special Attacker. Physical Attack Pokemon deal damage to opponents based on their Attack stat, while Special Attack Pokemon deal damage based on their Special Attack stat. Damage is reduced by the enemy’s defence stat, or in the case of a Special Attack, the enemy’s Special Defence stat.

Absol in Pokemon Unite
Absol is an example of a Physical Attack Pokemon

All Pokemon can use basic attacks but those with Special Attack can unleash their ability at the end of a basic attack chain- usually the third and final hit which sets off a special effect. Certain items can only increase the value of this Special Attack and not a basic attack so be wary of which Pokemon you equip with which item.

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Mr Mime in Pokemon Unite
Mr Mime is an example of a Special Attack Pokemon

To counter the advantage of the Special Attack move, Physical Attacks are more consistent with damage dealt, and have no need to complete an auto-attack combo. These Pokemon are usually best for players who like the ‘hit-and-run’ tactic.

Physical Attack Pokemon:

Special Attack Pokemon:

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