Pokemon Unite Crustle details

The bug/rock type Pokemon, Crustle, is one of the playable characters in Pokémon Unite. This Pokemon falls under the Defender category with one of the highest endurance in the game. Being a defensive Pokemon, Crustle hinders its opponents using many different moves.

Everything we know so far about Crustle in Pokémon Unite will be explained right here in this guide.

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Pokemon Unite – Crustle Statistics

Pokemon Unite - Crustle Statistics
Image: Pokemon Unite

Statistics in Pokemon Unite are measured in stars. Here’s the star ratings of Crustle:

  • Offense: 1.5 stars
  • Endurance: 4 stars
  • Mobility: 1.5 stars
  • Scoring: 2 stars
  • Support: 3 stars

Pokemon Unite – Crustle Moves

Level 1, Level 3

The Pokemon can learn the two moves below in the order you choose.

  • Rock Slide (6s Area): Drops large rocks on the designated area. When this move hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and leaves them unable to act for a short time.
  • Fury Cutter (3.5s Melee): Slashes opposing Pokemon with claws, dealing damage to them. Hitting the same opposing Pokemon multiple times in succession with this move increases the damage dealt.

Level 4

The Pokemon can learn your choice of one of the two moves below.

  • Rock Tomb (5s Area): Splits open the ground toward the designated area, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and creating a barricade of rock. If used again, gets rid of the barricade.
  • Shell Smash (7s Buff): Has the user smash their shell, converting a set percentage of Defense and Sp. Def into Attack and Sp. Atk and increasing the user’s movement speed for a short time.

Level 6

The Pokemon can learn your choice of one of the two moves below.

  • Stealth Rock (8s Area): Throws many small rocks. When the rock hits an opposing Pokemon, or when the rocks have flown their full distance, a zone of many levitating rocks is created (AOE), dealing slowly-increasing damage over time to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect.
  • X-Scissor (8s Melee): Has the user dash forward with crossed claws, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon multiple times and shoving (knockback) them. Leaves opposing Pokemon unable to act (stun) if they hit an object when shoved.

Level 9

The Pokemon learns their Unite Move.

  • Rubble Rouser (1s Buff): Crustle’s Unite Move. First grants the user a shield before dealing damage over time to nearby opposing POkemon and leaving them unable to act (stun). If the user receives damage while this move is in effect, the move deals additional hits to nearby opposing Pokemon.

Pokemon Unite – Crustle Evolution

Crustle begins as Dwebble at level 1 and finally evolves into Crustle at level 4.

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