About Us

Touch, Tap, Play began back in 2013 as a passion project for an avid gamer who wanted to help out other mobile game aficionados. It all started with a couple of in-depth guides that were dedicated to giving plenty of information without wasting the reader’s time. Today, the goal is the same, but the website is no longer a shy passion project, but a top resource for the latest mobile gaming news and guides. 

The Touch, Tap, Play staff is a diverse team spread throughout the world but united by a single objective: to help you with in-depth and to-the-point guides to your favorite games, all while promoting a kind and helpful gaming community. Touch, Tap, Play is part of GAMURS Group, the leading esports media network working to redefine gaming media.

Touch, Tap, Play Staff


Mesesan Cristina – Managing Editor

Jéssica Gubert – Editor

Matthew Wilson – Contributing Editor

Slobodan Brkljač – Staff Writer

Contributing Writers

Manish Kumar Choudhary
Jeremy Kanjana
Hritwik Raj
Rowan Jones
Erin O’Gorman