Review Policy

Here at Touch, Tap, Play we strive to deliver the most honest and complete reviews but there’s one aspect that comes into play: we are being subjective. And this is exactly what makes reviews so important: we’re trying not to think what other gamers would say or feel when playing the game, we say how we felt. Sometimes you might disagree with us, but generally you will agree.

Below is a short explanation of our scoring system, but before we get to this, rest assured that even though we sometimes get the games we review free from the developers, or have partnerships with specific developers, we will never inflate the scores just because of that. We will only rate the games the exact rating we feel is fully deserved!

Now that you know it, here’s how we score it:

Tapping Fun: How much fun we had playing the game. 1 means that we died of boredom while 10 means that we were sweating serotonin
Eye Candy: How good looking the game is. 1 means Quasimodo while 10 means the love child of Megan Fox, Halle Berry and Brad Pitt
Gameplay: How good and responsive the control scheme is. 1 means that you can barely play the game while 10 means that it’s going like the Starship Enterprise through space
Touch & Tap value: The final score we’d give the game as a whole, if we were to grade it just once. 1 means we didn’t like it while 10 means we loved it a lot (yes, it’s that simple here)
Average Score: Uhm…. probably the average of the previous 4 categories with some shiny stars below.

If you disagree with any of our reviews, write your own in the comment section below the reviews and let us know what we did wrong. If you agree, let us know how amazing we are.