What do Pokemon Unite’s Fair Play Points Mean?


In order to encourage players to take the game seriously and be good sports, Pokémon Unite employs a system called “Fair Play Points”. Every player starts with the maximum amount of Fair Play points, and they are used as a method to judge how reliable you are in the game. However, the game doesn’t quite explain the points fully, so if you ever wondered what do Pokémon Unite’s Fair Play Points mean, we’ll explain everything here!

What do Fair Play Points Mean?

Fair Play Points are essentially a gauge on your sportsmanship to ensure that players are keeping things fair for everyone playing the game. Every new trainer starts out with the maximum, 100 Fair Play Points. You can check your Fair Play Points in your trainer profile.

To encourage good behavior, the game will reward you with Aeos Coins daily if you’re above 90 Fair Play Points. As long as you’re playing the game as you’re supposed to, you won’t have to worry about losing points. The following list shows how you earn and lose points:

  • Earning Fair Play Points (You can only earn 5 Fair Play Points in a single day)
    • Completing a regular match: +2 points
    • Completing a regular match against CPU opponents: +1 point
    • Completing a ranked match: +2 points
  • Losing Fair Play Points
    • Abandoning a match during pre-game setup: -1 point
    • Idling for a short time during a match: -2 points
    • Idling for a long time during a match: -5 points
    • Idling for a very long time during a match: -8 points

This system punishes players who queue into a match and then do nothing, whether on purpose or not. Before you queue up for a match, make sure that you have time to play, and that you won’t be interrupted.

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Fair Play Point Restrictions

If you let your Fair Play Points drop too much, the game will place restrictions on your account until you get your act together. The restrictions are:

  • Less than 90 Fair Play Points: You will no longer receive the bonus rewards for having high Fair Play Points.
  • Less than 80 Fair Play Points: You will no longer be able to join ranked matches.
  • Less than 60 Fair Play Points: You will no longer be able to join random matches. You may only play in private matches or against CPU opponents.

Needless to say, it’s wise to ensure that you don’t let your Fair Play Points drop too low if you want to continue playing the game against real opponents.

And that just about covers all you need to know about Fair Play Points in Pokémon Unite. If you have any other questions or comments, let us know in the comments below!

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What do Pokemon Unite’s Fair Play Points Mean?


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