Gengar in Pokemon Unite

The Ghost/Poison type Pokemon, Gengar, is one of the playable characters in Pokémon Unite. This Pokemon falls under the Speedster category with one of the highest mobility in the game. Being a speedster Pokemon, Gengar lurks in the shadows and is a master of abrupt attacks.

Everything we know so far about Gengar in Pokémon Unite will be explained right here in this guide.

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Pokemon Unite – Gengar Statistics

Pokemon Unite - Gengar Statistics
Image: Pokemon Unite

Statistics in Pokemon Unite are measured in stars. Here’s the star ratings of Gengar:

  • Offense: 3.5 stars
  • Endurance: 2 stars
  • Mobility: 4 stars
  • Scoring: 3 stars
  • Support: 0.5 stars

Pokemon Unite – Gengar Moves

Level 1, Level 3

The Pokemon can learn the two moves below in the order you choose.

  • Will-O-Wisp (5s Ranged): Shoots multiple sinister flames, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon and leaving them burned when it hits.
  • Lick (7s Area): Attacks with the user’s tongue and pulls opposing Pokemon toward the user.

Level 5

The Pokemon can learn your choice of one of the two moves below.

  • Shadow Ball (4.5s Ranged): Hurls a shadowy blob at the target, decreasing the movement speed and Sp. Def of opposing Pokemon for a short time when it hits.
    • Upgrade: Increased Damage dealt.
  • Sludge Bomb (8s Area): Hurls unsanitary sludge to the designated area, leaving opposing Pokemon poisoned when it hits.
    • Upgrade: Increase the poison effect’s duration.

Level 7

The Pokemon can learn your choice of one of the two moves below.

  • Dream Eater (7s Ranged): Launches hypnotic waves, hit with enemy Pokemon causes them to fall asleep and allows Gengar to use this move again to appear behind Pokemon and attack. This attack restores HP and reduces the cooldown of a specific move.
    • Upgrade: Increases the amount of damage dealt and HP restored by this move.
  • Hex (7.5s Dash): Has the user disappear and then reappear at the designated location, dealing damage to the opposing Pokemon that is poisoned, it deals increased damage and its cooldown is reduced.
    • Upgrade: Increased Damage dealt

Level 9

The Pokemon learns their Unite Move.

  • Phantom Ambush (1s Dash): Gengar’s Unite Move. Has the user jump to the designated area and allows them to start sneaking with increased movement speed. If used again, deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time.

Pokemon Unite – Gengar Evolution

Gengar Evolution

Gengar begins as Gastly at level 1 and then evolves into Haunter at level 5. Finally, it transforms into Gengar at level 9.

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