Eldegoss is one of the many ranged-support type Pokémon in Pokémon Unite. So far, he looks like one of the best support Pokémon that can boost its allies’ movement speed and restore their HP.

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While Pokémon Unite is preparing for its July launch on the Nintendo platform. With a later September launch on Mobile platforms. Let us have a look at everything we know about Eldegoss, one of the many playable characters’ from Pokémon Unite.

Eldegoss Stats, Moves, Skills, and Abilities

Here is everything we know about Eldegoss in Pokémon Unite.

Basic Info on Eldegoss

  • Role – Supporter
  • Difficulty – Novice
  • Evolution – Gossifleur –> Eldegoss (LVL 4)

Eldegoss Basic Stats

  • Offense – 1.5 Star Rating
  • Endurance – 2 Star Rating
  • Mobility – 2.5 Star Rating
  • Scoring – 2.5 Star Rating
  • Support – 4 Star Rating

Eldegoss Basic Attacks and Passive Abilities

Eldegoss basic attacks are melee type and his passive ability is called Cotton Down. For now, we don’t know what Cotton Down does. We will update the article when we have the information available.

Eldegoss Moves Throughout His Progression(1 -9)

In Pokémon Unite, the Pokémon get new moves as they progress their level. Generally, at Lvl 5 and Lvl 7, players have to choose a new move for the given Pokémon from a choice of two. At LVL 9 players get the Pokémon Unite move.

Eldegoss Moves LVL 1 – 3

Here are the two moves that players have in early level.


  • Move Attack Type – Ranged
  • Move Description – Pelts the target with leaves, decreasing the movement speed of opposing Pokemon for a short time when it hits.
  • Move Cooldown – 6 seconds


  • Move Attack Type – Recovery
  • Move Description – Restores the HP of the user and nearby ally Pokemon.
  • Move Cooldown – 8 seconds

Eldegoss Moves LVL 5

Here are the two moves from which players have to choose one when they reach LVL 5.

Pollen Puff

  • Move Attack Type – Ranged
  • Move Description – Throws a Pollen Puff, which attaches to a Pokemon. The Pollen Puff restores HP for ally Pokemon= and deals damage to opposing Pokemon.
  • Move Cooldown – 5 seconds

Leaf Tornado

  • Move Attack Type – Ranged
  • Move Description – Attacks with a tornado of sharp leaves, leaving a path in its wake that increases ally Pokemon’s movement speed for a short time.
  • Move Cooldown – 9 seconds

Eldegoss Moves LVL 7

Here are the two moves from which players have to choose one when they reach LVL 7.

Cotton Guard

  • Move Attack Type – Buff
  • Move Description – Protects the user and nearby ally Pokemon with cotton. The cotton absorbs damage, and when the move ends, the cotton restores some HP.
  • Move Cooldown – 7 seconds

Cotton Spore

  • Move Attack Type – Area
  • Move Description – Gathers spores around the user that reduce damage received. The spores burst after a short time, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon for a short time.
  • Move Cooldown – 10 seconds

Eldegoss Moves LVL 9 (Unite Move)

Cotton Cloud Crash

  • Move Attack Type – Area
  • Move Description – Has the user float into the air and become invincible. If used again, has the user pound the ground, attacking and shoving opposing Pokemon and restoring HP to ally Pokemon in the area of effect.
  • Move Cooldown – 1 second

Pokémon Unite is a MOBA game set to release on Nintendo Switch and Mobile platforms later this year.

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