Best Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom | A Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List

Cookie Run: Kingdom cookies

Cookie Run: Kingdom has had a few more Cookies join the adventure since our last ranking so it is time for a tier list update. The game now has over 94 Cookies to choose for your team including the Ancient heroes and all you favorite Cookies! Check out who are the strongest Cookies in SS, S, and A Tiers to add to your line up, plus anyone who belongs in tier B and below. Find out below which are the best Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom – a Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list!

Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookie Tier List

The following tier list is based on which Cookies are best for World Exploration, the main game mode for Cookie Run Kingdom. Click the link to each Cookie to find out more information as you go.

Sherbet CookieSS
Schwarzwalder CookieSS
Cotton CookieSS
Eclair CookieEclair cookie cookie run kingdomSS
Captain Caviar CookieSS
Wildberry CookieS
Pure Vanilla CookieS
Black Pearl CookieS
Hollyberry Cookiehollyberry cookie cookie run kingdomS
Werewolf CookieWerewolf Cookie Run KingdomS
Licorice CookieLicorice Cookie Run KingdomS
Pumpkin Pie CookieS
Dark Cacao CookieS
Espresso Cookieespresso cookieS
Carol CookieS
Squid Ink CookieSquid Ink Cookie Run KingdomS
Moonlight CookieMoonlight Cookie Run KingdomS
Cream Unicorn CookieS
Pinecone CookieS
Milky Way CookieS
Crunchy Chip CookieS
Financier CookieS
Sea Fairy CookieSea Fairy Cookie Cookie Run KingdomS
BTS CookiesA
Vampire CookieA
Frost Queen CookieA
Macaron CookieA
Oyster CookieA
Pomegrante CookiePomegranate Cookie Run KingdomA
Rye CookieA
Affogato CookieA
Clotted Cream CookieA
Parfait Cookieparfait cookie cookie run kingdomA
Purple Yam CookiePurple Yam Cookie Run KingdomA
Herb CookieHerb Cookie Run KingdomA
Caramel Arrow CookieB
Sorbet Shark CookieSorbet Shark Cookie Run KingdomB
Cherry Blossom CookieB
Strawberry Crepe CookieB
Dark Choco CookieB
Milk CookieMilk Cookie Run KingdomB
Tiger Lily CookieTiger Lily Cookie Run KingdomB
Prophet CookieProphet Cookie Run KingdomB
Cream Puff CookieB
Snow Sugar CookieSnow Sugar Cookie Run KingdomB
Cocoa CookieB
Sparkling CookieSparkling Cookie Run KingdomB
Mango CookieMango Cookie Run KingdomC
Latte CookieC
Poison Mushroom CookieC
Pastry CookiePastry cookieC
Princess CookiePrincess cookie Cookie Run KingdomC
Tea Knight CookieC
Raspberry Cookieraspberry cookie run kingdomC
Custard Cookie IIIC
Red Velvet CookieC
Moon Rabbit CookieMoon Rabbit Cookie Run KingdomC
Candy Diver CookieC
Almond CookieC
Blackberry CookieC
Mint Choco CookieMint Choco Cookie Run KingdomC
Madaleine Cookiemadeline cookie run kingdomC
Mala Sauce CookieMala Sauce Cookie Run KingdomC
Lilac CookieLilac Cookie Run KingdomD
Cherry CookieD
Kumiho CookieKumiko Cookie Run KingdomD
Adventurer CookieD
Sonic CookieD
Tails CookieD
Knight CookieKnight Cookie Run KingdomD
Avocado CookieD
Carrot CookieD
Wizard CookieWizard Cookie Cookie Run KingdomD
Chili Pepper CookieD
Ninja CookieNinja Cookie Run KingdomD
Fig CookieD
Pancake CookieE
Devil CookieE
Clover CookieE
Black Raisin CookieE
Beet CookieE
Alchemist CookieE
Onion CookieOnion Cookie Run KingdomE
Gumball CookieGumball Cookie Run KingdomE
Strawberry CookieStrawberry Cookie Run KingdomE
Muscle CookieMuscle Cookie Run KingdomE
Gingerbrave CookieGingerbrave Cookie Run KingdomE
Angel CookieE
Twizzly Gummy CookieE

Let us know if you disagree with our rankings, or if you’d like to tell us your favorite Cookie teams, in the comments below. Next up, why not check out the Cookie Run Toppings Guide to find the best toppings for your team! Good luck.

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Best Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom | A Cookie Run: Kingdom Tier List


  1. I would say Rye is A/S because of the rye mind comp being meta now. Also change snow sugar from D to A, keep in mind cotton changed the meta and summoners got a buff with seamstress. Overall good tier list though, just needs an update with all the new cookies.


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