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How to Get and Play Crunchy Chip in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Get and Play Crunchy Chip in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom is an exciting gacha game in which you have to fight using cute little cookies. There are many unique cookies in the game, and after the last update, there are even more of them. In addition to some innovations, a new character Crunchy Chip Cookie has been added to the game, which looks very promising. Today we will talk about how to get this cookie and how to use it in combat.

How to Get Crunchy Chip in Cookie Run Kingdom

Crunchy Chip Cookie is an epic character that was added to the game just a few days ago with the second part of The Council of Heroes update.

To get this character, you do not need to look for any special methods, since you can only get Crunchy Chip with the help of a summon.

To get it a little faster, you can use crystals to make an X10 summon or you can use a cookie cutter that you get for free by logging into the game after the update. The chance of getting the Crunchy Chip is still very low, but many players say that they were able to get it in the first few attempts. The developers didn’t talk about it anywhere, but maybe now there is a hidden chance boost to get this cookie.

How to Play Crunchy Chip in Cookie Run Kingdom

If you were able to get Crunchy Chip Cookie, this is great news, as this character is very strong and will be able to help you in many battles. Crunchy Chip is a front-line attacking character and given his ability to cope with his role perfectly.

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Due to its high damage, Crunchy Chip Cookie can deal serious damage to even the strong fighters. He can also summon Cream Wolves, which will give you an edge over your enemies since your team gets bigger.

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If Crunchy Chip Cookie dies, his wolf will remain on the playing field and continue to fight in his place. If Crunchy Chip revives, he will jump on the wolf again and continue to fight.

During the few days that Crunchy Chip Cookie has been in the game, players have tried many different toppings, but this character becomes the strongest with X5 Solid Almond Toppings.

In today’s guide, we’ve told you everything you need to know to get and successfully use the Crunchy Chip Cookie. We hope that by reading our guide you have learned something new, and now it will be easier for you to play using Crunchy Chip Cookie.

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How to Get and Play Crunchy Chip in Cookie Run Kingdom


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