Cream Unicorn Cookie is Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom: More Info

A new Cookie has arrived in Cookie Run Kingdom and we have all the latest info! find out here all about Cream Unicorn Cookie.

Cookie Run: Ovenbreak – How to Get Cream Unicorn Cookie

Cream Unicorn Cookie is an epic cookie that can turn into a unicorn and gather butterflies in the sky to get points. This Cookie dislikes Gray Sugar Crystal, and there is some bittersweet loneliness in his soul because Cream Unicorn Cookie was alone in the closed theme park for an extended period. Its combo pet…

Can You Change Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom? Answered

There are millions of Cookie Run: Kingdom players worldwide, and most likely, you are in their team. Initially, the players created their Cookie Run: Kingdom accounts on the Pure Vanilla server, and later the new servers became available. These servers are delightfully named Hollyberry and Dark Cacao. So, now some players are puzzled whether they…

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Cookie Run: Ovenbreak – How to Get Mango Cookie

Meet Mango Cookie, an epic Cookie together with Mango Toucan, who is the Cookie’s pet. Mango Cookie aims to use his canoe to guide the other Cookies to islands. While doing this, he earns the points (if a Cookie was delivered to the correct spot). Speaking about the gifts, we’d like to mention that this…

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Characters – Every Character Currently in the Game

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