Is Cream Unicorn Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


Cream Unicorn is a new Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom that became popular even before it became available in the game. And in this guide, we’ll be going over just how good the Creamy Unicorn Cookie is in the game.

Initially a popular character in CRK’s parent game OvenBreak, it sparked excitement amongst fans who had been waiting for the developers to bring the cookie to Cookie Run Kingdom. And it’s finally here!

Is Cream Unicorn Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


Cream Cookie has excellent healing capabilities along with her ability to deal good damage is what earned her a place in nearly every Summoner camp within the game.

As per their leaked skill description, Cream Unicorn is able to summon several Sugar Butterflies that will explode upon contact with an enemy. Once all Sugar Butterflies are exhausted, Cream Unicorn will rush at the enemy themselves in a different form and deal decent damage.

Once it has transformed back to its Cookie form, Cream Unicorn will summon another round of Sugar Butterflies that will deal even more damage. At the end of their skill cast, all debuffs on allies will be removed and the team will receive healing as well.

Unlike Cotton and Eclair Cookies, Cream Unicorn is part of a Healer class and not the Support class. The game’s community continues to speculate on whether this is an indication that despite their rumoured skill Beng concentrated on damage, and their healing capabilities are substantial as well.

So yes! Cream Unicorn Cookie is definitely a good Cookie to use in Cookie Run Kingdom and its excellent healing capabilities will come in handy. You can stay up-to-date with the official Cookie Run Kingdom Twitter account to get updates on the latest Cream Unicorn news as well as other fun abilities it may have.

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Is Cream Unicorn Cookie Good in Cookie Run Kingdom? – Answered


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