Cream Unicorn Cookie is Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom: More Info

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A new Cookie has been announced and fans of Cookie Run Kingdom are getting very excited. Cream Unicorn Cookie has been confirmed as the latest Cookie to join the battle for the lost Cookie Kingdom, according to the Cookie Run: Kingdom Twitter page. Find out more below about this exciting news in our guide: Cream Unicorn Cookie is Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom: More Info!

Cream Unicorn Cookie is Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom

The news of the newest Cookie was announced on the official Cookie Run Kingdom Twitter page on July 18th 2022. Cream Unicorn Cookie will be an Epic rarity, healing type Cookie, preferring the rear of the team where they can keep their friends’ HP full. Many players of the game will be rejoicing to hear we are finally getting a new healer!

Cream Unicorn Cookie’s skill was leaked back in May 2022: Song of the Butterflies. This skill sees Cream Unicorn Cookie summon sweet but deadly Sugar Butterflies which would explode on contact with the enemy. Cream Unicorn Cookie would then transform, rushing at the enemy and dealing proportional damage. When they transform back, they release more Sugar Butterflies, removing debuffs and restoring HP for the team.

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cream unicorn cookie run kingdom
Cream Unicorn Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (via Devsisters)

It is exciting to see Cream Unicorn Cookie’s amazing skill, especially purifying any debuffs and restoring some HP for their friends. Their transformation is more than likely going to be into a unicorn, much like in Cookie Run: Ovenbreak.

Like other healer type Cookies, the best toppings would usually be Swift Chocolate to decrease cooldown, Solid Almond to resist DMG, or Searing Raspberry to help with their ATK stats. Once Cream Unicorn Cookie is released and tested out, we will let you know the exact toppings we recommend.

Until then, keep an eye on the Touch Tap Play news for more! And while you are here check out our Cookie Run Kingdom Toppings Guide.

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Cream Unicorn Cookie is Coming to Cookie Run Kingdom: More Info


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