What is the Rarest Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Cookies are playable characters that you can level up, add toppings to in order to make them more powerful, and give cosmetic outfits. They come with their own backstories, personalities, and special skills. The Cookies come in a variety of rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Ancient, with the addition of Special Cookies that are only available during limited events. Find out more below.

The details below will help you understand which Cookie is the rarest Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom!

Rarest Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom

The rarest Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom are the ones that are really difficult to obtain. Cookies are usually found in the Cookie Gacha, where players spend gems on a pull from the gacha. Each pull costs 300 crystals, or one Cookie Cutter. Each Cookie rarity has its own probability of being pulled from the Cookie Gacha:

  • Common – 41.797%
  • Rare – 37.478%
  • Epic – 19.265%
  • Legendary – 0.724%
  • Ancient – 0.724%

As you can see, the Ancient and Legendary Cookies have the same probability—there are actually only 2 Legendary Cookies in the game, and only 2 Ancient Cookies. The Legendary Cookies are Sea Fairy Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie. The Ancient Cookies are Hollyberry Cookie and Pure Vanilla Cookie. It is difficult to say which of these are rarer as they have exactly the same probabilities of being obtained from the gacha.

Sea Fairy Cookie

Sea Fairy Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom)
LegendaryMiddleBomberSoaring Compassion
17s Cooldown
Water Stream DMG: 150%
Water Pillar DMG: 173% (+4.4% per level)
Stun: 3s

Frost Queen Cookie

cookie run kingdom frost queen cookie
Frost Queen Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom)
LegendaryMiddleMagicFreezing Squall
18s Cooldown
Single Hit DMG: 68.7% (+0.9% DMG per level)
Freeze Time: 2s
Freeze DMG: 271.2% ATK (+3.6% DMG per level)

Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie (Cookie Run Cookie)
AncientRearHealingLove & Peace
19s Cooldown
Heals: 99.4% of ATK (+1.5% per level)
Shield absorbs 20% of max HP for 3s

Hollyberry Cookie

Hollyberry Cookie (Cookie Run Kingdom)
AncientFrontDefenseOath of the Shield
18s Cooldown
Single Hit DMG: 185.5% (+2.53DMG per level)
DMG Focus during skill use: 20% of DMG of allies for 9s

Since they have the same exact odds, those are the rarest Cookies available in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Let us know if you are lucky enough to get any of these amazing Cookies!

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What is the Rarest Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?


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