The winter update has finally arrived and Cookie Run: Kingdom looks well-dressed in holiday spirits. This time too, Cookie Run: Kingdom hasn’t disappointed us with the updates. It is loaded with fun winter-themed events and it has introduced two new Cookies as well!

You can add the new Cotton Cookie and Frost Queen Cookie to your squad this season. However, you need some Cookie Cutters, crystals, and some luck to unlock them! Here’s a brief guide on how you can unlock the Legendary Frost Queen Cookie.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – How to Get the Legendary Frost Queen Cookie

frost crystal event
Frost Crystal event in Cookie Run: Kingdom

To get the Frost Queen Cookie, you need to participate in the Frost Crystal event. This new seasonal event has some quests that give you Frost Crystals upon completion.

legendary gacha
Legendary Gacha probability

Using these Frost Crystals, you can draw from the Legendary Gacha. The Frost Queen Cookie has a 0.301% chance of being drawn and her soulstone has a 1.0% chance of being drawn. This is the most straightforward way of getting the Frost Queen Cookie.

Featured Cookie probabilities

The Featured Cookie Gacha is another way of getting the Frost Queen Cookie. You can draw using Cookie Cutters or crystals. Here, you have a 0.054% chance of getting the Frost Queen Cookie and a 0.308% chance of getting the soulstone.

You can also choose to draw from the regular Gacha. The probability of getting the Frost Queen Cookie and her soulstone is the same as Featured Gacha.

How to Play the Frost Queen Cookie

The Frost Queen Cookie is a legendary cookie. This is the second legendary cookie after the Sea Fairy Cookie in the game.

frost queen cookie in cookie run kingdom
The legendary Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

The legendary Cookie looks quite regal with the crystallized blue robe and a crystal staff.

The Frost Queen Cookie belongs to the Magic class and takes up one of the middle positions. As the Cookie has just been added to the game, she doesn’t have any bonds.

Her special attack is called ‘Freezing Squall’ which freezes enemies and deals heavy damage. The frozen enemies’ cooldown gets paused and they receive additional damage when attacked. The legendary Cookie herself cannot freeze.

You can top the Frost Cookie off with Searing Raspberry or Swift Chocolate. If you’re not sure about the toppings, you can check out the toppings guide.

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How to Unlock the Legendary Frost Queen Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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