Sea Fairy Cookie Guide in Cookie Run: Kingdom | How to Get and Play

Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a legendary Cookie. She is an owner of marvelous decor that is the Dream of the Tower (from the Tropical Island theme). We highly recommend you invest Toppings and Skill Powders in this epic Cookie. Let us cover the basics of getting and playing Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

​How to Get Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

If you are searching for the Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom, we have great news for you! You can obtain it in two different ways.

The first option is to pull it out of the Special Cookie Gacha. This option works for all the epic Cookies. Still, you need to pay attention to something: you will choose this option only if you are not under any time constraints as sometimes you will be pulling some other Cookies. So, you will need to try again and again—your chances are extremely low.

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The second option is to use the unique currency that is called Soulstones to rank up your Cookies. However, you can also bake Sea Fairy Cookie if you do not own the warrior of the Soulstones.

​How to Play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom Guide

Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a Cookie of Bomber class. The best choice will be to put it in the Middle. This warrior has a super skill allowing her to fire a water stream that causes destruction and knocks five closes rivals down. Later below the targets, a pool with water will appear, and it will explode with the power of eternity. It will cause severe damage. Still, keep in mind that this skill will not work with summoned enemies. Searing Raspberry and Sweet Chocolate are the best toppings for this cutie.

Now you are ready to play Sea Fairy Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom! Let’s start!

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