How to Get and Play Parfait Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Parfait Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom

Check out our guide to find out what toppings would be best for Parfait Cookie to use in Cookie Run Kingdom

Parfait Cookie was released in the Cookie Run: Kingdom Soda Island Outlaws update. Parfait is an Epic pop star Cookie dressed in sweet pinks and reds. She is available to unlock in the Cookie Gacha using cutters or Soulstones. Find out below which toppings would be best in the Parfait Cookie Toppings guide for Cookie Run Kingdom.

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Parfait Cookie Best Toppings

Parfait Cookie is a Support Cookie who prefers the rear of the team, where they can help the team and stay out of the firing line. Parfait Cookie can use her power to heal the team while receiving a buff to increase her own defenses and a debuff resistance.

To increase the use of their skill “Paru-Paru-Parfait”, one of the best toppings for Parfait Cookie would be the Tropical Rock Resonant Toppings introduced in the Invitation of the Slumbering Moon update, giving higher stat value than their regular counterparts.

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Tropical Rock Solid Almond is an ideal topping for this support Cookie. Solid Almond increases a Cookie’s DMG Resist and would help increase the Cookie’s time in battle. Parfait Cookie will then be able to use their skill more during a battle.

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Another topping we recommend for Parfait Cookie is Tropical Rock Swift Chocolate. Just like regular Swift Chocolate, this buffed topping will give Cookies a decreased cooldown, allowing them to keep going! A combination of Tropical Rock Swift Chocolate and Tropical Rock Solid Almond toppings would be a good choice.

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Now that you know the best toppings for Parfait Cookie, it’s time to get out there and put them to the test! If you have the perfect topping combination for any of the Cookies in your team, including Parfait Cookie, don’t hesitate to let us know!

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Parfait Cookie Toppings Guide: Cookie Run Kingdom