Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown Timer

If you ever wondered how long it takes for the Cookie Run Kingdom maintenance, given all the different time zones, look no further. We’ve got you covered. This article will give you a helpful timer so you can know when to expect the next maintenance!

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There are many things players can look forward to in the next update, so it’s all the better if we had a helpful tool to let us know when we can actually start updating the game and diving in… and that’s what we’ve got below!

Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance is estimated to begin in:

Make sure to follow this countdown so you can know when the next update is live!

Maintenance is estimated to end in:

What to Look Forward to in the Next Update

Previous Update Notices

Following the news, I’ll be posting here all the relevant information in regard to the updates and maintenance. Of course, we know that sometimes it gets delayed – so for that, we’re going to be posting anything that might come up and adjust the timer.


  • Come Together! Cuckoo Town Square is now available.
  • The Town Square is a place where you can meet and interact with other players and enjoy various in-game content.
  • Meet with various NPCs in the Town Square to take requests and complete quests. ⋅ The Town Square is available for the duration of the “Come Together! Cuckoo Town Square” update.
  • Visit the Town Square to try out a whole new style of gameplay within CookieRun: Kingdom!


  • Daily Quests ⋅ Check Daily Quests via the Quest button in the Town Square. ⋅ Town Square Coins earned from quests can be used in Catnip Cookie’s Shop. ⋅ Daily Quests reset every day at midnight (GMT+9).
  • NPC Quests ⋅ NPC Quests can be accepted by speaking with various NPCs throughout the Town Square.
  • Requests ⋅ You can accept Requests through the Smarty Jelly Worm by the Petition Board in the Town Square. ⋅ Speak with the Smarty Jelly Worm after completing each Request to accept your rewards!


  • Special Buffs are available for players who visit the Cuckoo Town Square! ⋅ Earn more Stamina Jellies, Juicy Stamina Jellies, and Town Square Coins the longer you’re in the Square. ⋅ Collect your rewards when you leave the Square.

Town Square Post Office Rewards

  • The Mailtriever Pups return to the Post Office once every 2 hours beginning at midnight (GMT+9) each day! ⋅ You can accept rewards from the Mailtriever Pups up to 3 times each day. ⋅ The Mailtriever Pups’ gifts are only available for 20 minutes at a time. Keep an eye on the time to make sure you don’t miss out! TOWN SQUARE EVENTS ⋅ Make sure to participate in the Cheese Vault Event and the Town Square Cleanup Event while you’re in the Town Square.

Cheese Vault Event

  • When the Cheese Vault Event begins a Vault and Notes will appear around the Town Square.
  • Players must check the hints found on the Notes and figure out the passcode to the Vault. ⋅ Work together to uncover the passcode!

Town Square Cleanup Event

⋅ A large bush will appear somewhere in the Town Square! ⋅ The more players cleaning, the faster the bush can be cleaned up! ⋅ Work together with your friends in the Town Square to clean up and earn rewards. ⋅ You can only earn rewards from each event once each day. ⋅ Check the Town Square event dates by tapping the Calendar button.

New Cookies

  • CARAMEL CHOUX COOKIE (Epic, Support)
  • Caramel Choux Cookie is a Support Cookie who uses the skill “I’ve Got Choux.”
  • Caramel Choux Cookie uses I’ve Got Choux to heal allies. She applies DMG Resist, Amplify Buff to targets receiving healing, and applies an HP Shield to an ally Cookie with the lowest Max HP. As the Town Square supervisor, Caramel Choux Cookie applies the Friendly Helper buff to all ally Cookies when entering battle. While Caramel Choux Cookie is using her skill, she will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects.


  • Check out the new update with the Caramel Choux Cookie’s Town Square Tour event!



  • Strawberry Crepe Cookie’s DMG Resist buff for the two allies with the lowest HP will now count buffs and debuffs as well.
  • Alchemist Cookie’s skill has been improved so that her charging duration is now instant. Additionally, her skill now applies a random buff of either ATK Increase, DEF Increase, or CRIT% Increase on herself.
  • Alchemist Cookie throws an explosive reagent, dealing DMG and applying Poison to targets. Alchemist Cookie will gain a random buff of either ATK increase, DEF increase, or CRIT% increase.
  • Knight Cookie’s skill has been improved so that his survivability is better after taunting his enemies. He now applies an HP Shield on himself upon using his skill.
  • Charges forward, causing area damage and forcing the enemies to attack himself.
  • You can check your remaining attunements when breaking down Beascuits.
  • If you’ve used all your attunements, the Attune button will be disabled regardless of your slots.
  • You can check additional information in the pop-up menu when selecting a Beascuit.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown Timer