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Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown Timer

Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown Timer
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If you ever wondered how long it takes for the Cookie Run Kingdom maintenance, given all the different time zones, look no further. We’ve got you covered. This article will give you a helpful timer so you can know when to expect the next maintenance!

There are many things players can look forward to in the next update, so it’s all the better if we had a helpful tool to let us know when we can actually start updating the game and diving in… and that’s what we’ve got below!

Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown

Maintenance is estimated to begin in:

Server is under maintenance!

Make sure to follow this countdown so you can know when the next update is live!

Maintenance is estimated to end in:

The maintenance is complete!

What to Look Forward to in the Next Update

Following the news, I’ll be posting here all the relevant information in regard to the updates and maintenance. Of course, we know that sometimes it gets delayed – so for that, we’re going to be posting anything that might come up and adjust the timer.

  • Faerie Kingdom Battle

New Cookies

  • Elder Faerie Cookie (Super Epic – Defense)
  • Matcha Cookie (Epic)
  • New Balloon Expedition Continent

Previous Update Notice

New Cookies

  • Mercurial Knight Cookie (Epic – Charge)
  • Skill: Mercurial Knight’s Oath – With the power of mercury, Mercurial Knight Cookie’s regular attacks are strengthened, dealing area damage to enemies and casting Mercury Poisoning. Mercurial Knight Cookie will then land his final strike, dealing damage and additional damage based on the number of Mercury Poisoning stacks. When Mercurial Knight Cookie is inflicted with a debuff, he will gain an Amalgamation buff, and when he gains enough stacks, he’ll dispel all debuffs and enter Mercury Storm mode. In Mercury Storm mode, Mercurial Knight Cookie will not receive an Amalgamation buff. Due to his mercurial armor, Mercurial Knight Cookie is immune to the Spore Dispersal and Mushroom Mutation effects. While Mercurial Knight Cookie is using his skill, he will briefly become resistant to interrupting effects. When Mercurial Knight Cookie enters the battlefield with Silverbell Cookie, the Silver Knighthood buff will activate.
Image via Cookie Run Kingdom

Existing Cookie Adjustments

  • White Lily Cookie
  • Fixed an issue where the number of Lily Restoration buffs would activate less than intended. The Lily Restoration buff’s Healing effect will activate to a certain degree when White Lily Cookie uses her skill.
  • Skill description fixed: A pure white lily bud bursts open, dealing periodic damage to enemies and additional damage depending on the number of buffs White Lily Cookie has on herself. Enemies affected by the skill will become entangled in Vines, becoming unable to move or use skills. Whenever an ally Cookie gains a debuff, they will gain the Lily Restoration buff, and whenever White Lily Cookie uses her skill, the Lily Restoration buff will activate. Once Lily Restoration reaches a certain number of stacks, it will dispel all current debuffs on the allies and heal them. White Lily Cookie is immune to the Spore Dispersal and Mushroom Mutation effects.
  • Blackberry Cookie
  • Improved Blackberry Cookie’s skill to increase allies’ CRIT% and ATK SPD, and cast an HP Shield to help with survivability and attacks in certain battle modes.
  • Skill description fixed: The ghosts rush through the enemy formation, striking them several times; increasing the party’s CRIT% and ATK SPD, and casting an HP Shield.

Returning Costumes

  • Hanbok Costumes are back to celebrate the new year! Have a happy Lunar New Year with Cookies dressed in Hanbok!

New Features

World Exploration: Beast-Yeast – Theater of Lies

  • The journey in the continent of Beast-Yeast continues! Join the adventure in the next episode, “Theater of Lies.”
  • Follow White Lily Cookie’s footsteps and complete the Story Collection. Collect White Lily Cookie’s final memory shards as you progress through the episode.
  • Beware of Paper Storms that deal damage against allies and inflict Vampiric Bite in this episode.

Mystic Costumes

  •  Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Mystic Gold: Viridescent Daydream
  •  White Lily Cookie’s Mystic Gold: Moonflower Faerie
  • Mystic Costumes are costumes with a special color theme. Players can only equip the Mystic Costumes after obtaining the base costume.
  • Mystic Costumes are not included in the regular costume, featured costume, and legendary costume gachas.

Mystic Costume Shop

  • Mystic Costumes are available for purchase by spending either event currency or Brilliant Rainbow Crystals.
  • Mystic Costumes released in past seasons may be available in the Mystic Costumes Shop after some time, and players can purchase them using Brilliant Rainbow Crystals.
  • Emerald Pins and Brilliant Rainbow Crystals are obtainable through Events, Event Passes, Kingdom Passes, and Packages.
  • Players can use Emerald Pins to purchase Mystic Costumes during the event season. The Remaining Emerald Pins will be converted to Brilliant Rainbow Crystals after the season ends. For every 10 Emerald Pins, players receive 1 Brilliant Rainbow Crystal.
  • Brilliant Rainbow Crystals can be used regardless of the event season. Players can use Brilliant Rainbow Crystals to purchase returning Mystic Gold Costumes.

New Kingdom Profile Customizations

  • Players can decorate their Kingdom profile with badges and backgrounds.
  • Tap on the Profile Picture in the Kingdom Info to change the profile background and badge. Players can also check the requirements needed to obtain it.
  • Other players can check the equipped profile background and badge when they visit the kingdom.

Events: Skirmish Raids

  • Shadow Milk Cookie has summoned the Ringmaster! Defeat powerful bosses in Skirmish Raid: Circus of Shadows.
  • Unlock Skirmish Raid by clearing Stage 8-30 in Crispia, World Exploration.
  • Skirmish Raid has 3 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, and Hard. Players can enter the battle by using Skirmish Raid tickets.
  • Skirmish Raid battles have 3 stages and use 3 Cookie teams. Each stage changes depending on the HP of the Ringmaster.
  • Each difficulty has different Ringmasters: The Welcoming Ringmaster uses a force field and is vulnerable to DEF Reduction. The Ringmaster of Shadows uses a Hit Shield and is vulnerable to Light-type skills and Cookies who can deal a lot of hits. The Hollow Ringmaster uses Spores and various Debuffs to attack.
  • Players can dodge the Ringmaster’s attacks by tapping on various Action Buttons.
  • Players can earn points through battles. If the teams are defeated in battle, the points are counted up until the time of defeat.
  • If the team is defeated, the player can receive a portion of the stage’s rewards.
  • Skirmish Raid rank and player ranking will be calculated according to the score. Defeat powerful bosses in Skirmish Raid and receive all sorts of rewards.

Additions, Changes & Improvements

World Exploration: Beast-Yeast

  • Difficulty for Normal: Stage 30 has been lowered.
  • The number of Spore Dispersal for Hard has been lowered.
  • Difficulty for Hard: Stages 1 to 18 have been lowered.

Today’s Bounties

  • Added button to change bounty rewards.
  • Changed the location of arrow buttons shown on the bounty’s page.

Quality of Life Updates

  • Added a scroll bar to the Cookies list so that players can easily select the Cookie of choice.

Mileage Shop

  •  Creme Brulee Cookie and  Linzer Cookie’s Soulstones have been added.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Maintenance Countdown Timer