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Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures Tier List & Guide | The Best Treasures in CRK

Check out our guide to every Treasure available in Cookie Run Kingdom and boost every battle you take part in with your team!

Added the new Festive Acorn Gift Box!

December 13th
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Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures are items to bring to battle that can help in various ways. Find out everything there is to know about them in our CRK Treasures guide & tier list!

First things first, Treasures can be active, meaning you have to tap them to make them work, or they can be passive, meaning they work constantly or trigger automatically. To unlock the treasures, you must first pass Stage 2-17 and open a treasure chest containing your very first treasure. So let’s find out everything about the Cookie Run Kingdom Treasures in this tier list!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Treasures Tier List

Treasures come in three rarities: Normal, Rare, or Epic, which denotes how often they come up in the Gacha and how long it takes them to level up. Check out our tier list below to see what we recommend taking into battle with you.

Have you ever wondered if you can change Servers in Cookie Run: Kingdom? We have, and we’ve got the answer for you!

Complete List of Treasures and Their Ranking

  • S Tier treasures are the ones we would not go into battle without and are considered the strongest and most useful.
  • A Tier treasures are not as strong as S Tier but still worth using.
  • B Tier treasures can still be useful but not if you have anything else from S or A tiers available.
  • C Tier are okay for taking into battle but they don’t give as much advantage as the other tiers.
  • D Tier treasures are just simply not worth considering.
S Gatekeeper Ghost’s HornGreat for all players and builds. Gives a massive boost to defense.
S Old Pilgrim’s ScrollAn ideal treasure for every build. Increases ATK for all Cookies. Bring one to every battle if you can.
S Dream Conductor’s WhistleIncreases CRIT of every ally in battle at the start of the match, and buffs the Cookies with the highest ATK with a Whistle buff increasing ATK and DMG Resist. Once those Cookies are defeated the entire team gets an HP boost!
S Squishy Jelly WatchDecreases cooldown of all Cookies which is very important. Easy to level up as it is a common treasure. Great addition to any build.
S Sleepyhead’s Jelly WatchDecreases cooldown of all Cookies, plus increases ATK.
S Disciple’s Magic ScrollIncreases ATK and DEF of all Cookies. A must-have!
S Sugar Swan’s Shining FeatherRevives a fallen ally. Great in Arena and PvE. The revived Cookie can use their skill straight away, so this is a great addition to your build.
S The Order’s Sacred ForkMandatory in high-level Guild Battles due to extra damage afflicted to bosses. Pair with the Scroll for extra power!
S-Vial of Raging DunesAmazing Treasure. It grants allies ATK and Crit Resist, which cannot be dispelled, and if the Cookie dies and is revived the effect can stack. If used properly, it can greatly buff your carries.
A Bear Jelly’s LollipopGreat addition for your highest ATK stat Cookie. Can create a one-shot build. Especially helpful in Arena and boss battles, and when paired with Slingshot.
AFestive Acorn Gift BoxA Treasure that has a very short cooldown, and can give you one of three stats every time it activates: transform enemies in Gingerbread for 2 seconds and reduce their attack, heal allies, or transform your lowest HP Cookie for 10 seconds, granting them increased ATK and healing. At higher levels, it turns into S tier easily! (it’s just not that easy to obtain)
A Grim-Looking ScytheIncreases critical hit % by a good amount. It isn’t the best addition to a build, but it can be pretty useful if you don’t have a good defense treasure.
A Librarian’s Enchanted RobesGood for increasing ATK speed, but also can boost healing speed. Nice addition to a team build for PvP or Arena.
A Ice-Cold Energy DrinkWith this active Treasure, you can instantly grant Max HP to the lowest HP Cookie in battle, and then heal them. It can be good in Boss fights and sometimes Guild Battle.
A Pilgrim’s SlingshotPretty useful, especially in boss battles as it reduces the rearmost enemies’ defense for a while.
A Blossoming Acorn BombThe Treasure can transform 2 non-Boss enemies into acorns, reducing their DEF. It also deals some damage. Can be useful for clearing stages.
A Bookseller’s MonocleCleanses, debuffs, and heals Cookies. Can be quite helpful if you don’t have a great healer-type Cookie.
A Seamstress’s Pin CushionUsed by summoner Cookies. Pretty good to buff ATK, useful when paired with the Scroll. Improves a summoned creature’s Attack by 60%+.
A Hollyberrian Royal NecklaceGives an HP shield to all Cookies, plus an increase in DMG Resist.
A Insignia of the Indomitable KnightMandatory for teams including Tea Knight for use with his Battlemaster skill. Heals Cookies by a percentage when an ally is defeated. Grants the final surviving Cookie invincibility for a period.
A Divine Honey Cream CrownA bit like Bear Jelly Lollipop but with bonus CRIT DMG and CRIt %. Good for use with strong attacking Cookies and any who need CRIT boosts.
B Blind Healer’s StaffHelps heal the lowest-health Cookie for a short while for a certain %. Better when leveled up, so not especially useful in battle.
B Acorn Snowball With a Tiny CookieIt grants the lowest HP cookie DMG Resist and Crit Resist, which can be good occasionally, but not to be used at all times.
B Miraculous Natural RemedyBest used with Tea Knight as it provides heals and purifying effects to high health Cookie. Helpful for other tanks too.
B Elder Pilgrim’s TorchNot a terrible treasure, but only really useful when added alongside others that increase ATK and DPS.
B Miraculous Ghost Ice CreamReduces enemy defense, and can be great if timed perfectly but it just isn’t as good as the Slingshot.
B Priestess Cookie’s Paper CharmDeals damage and reduces nearest enemies’ buffs. Helpful when it is only Healers left in the team, but other than that, it isn’t the first choice for a build.
B Sacred Pomegranate BranchAbsorbs a little damage, so acts as a small shield. Has a long cooldown so can only really use it once.
B Durianeer’s Squeaky Flamingo TubeIncreases HP of Cookie with highest HP. Ok treasure depending on how you use it, can be useful by boosting your tank-type Cookie. Takes a while to level up, though.
C Jelly Worm’s Sticky GooGrants invulnerability for a very short time to one Cookie. Is only really good when used correctly and timed perfectly in PvE.
C Blossoming Acorn BombCurses two enemies at random, dealing DMG and gives DEF reduction.
C Echo of the Hurricane’s SongParticularly useful when used alongside DEF reduction abilities. Long 60s cooldown so really is a one-hit wonder that is best used in quick battles.
D Cheesebird’s Coin PurseGaining coins doesn’t really help at all if you are looking for a buff during battle. Only good as a throwaway add-on alongside better treasures when you are grinding story mode.
D Acorn Snowball with Tiny CookieMakes the Cookie with lowest HP smaller and raises their DMG Resist and CRIT resist.
D Ginkgoblin’s Trophy SafeSame as above. Only really useful for players who are grinding through story mode.

What Exactly are the Treasures?

Treasures discovered in Cookie Run: Kingdom are items you can equip to your team of Cookies to help them battle their way through each stage. These items can be either active, meaning you have to tap them to make them work, or they can be passive, meaning they work constantly or trigger automatically.

In other words, they will add additional stats to your team – be it active or passive.

How to Get Treasures in Cookie Run: Kingdom

There are multiple ways to get Treasures in CRK. We will list them all below:

  • Treasure Gacha (1 pull = 200 Crystals)
  • Treasure Gacha (1 pull = 1 Treasure Ticket)
  • Guild Gacha
  • Events
  • Bear Jelly Train
  • IAPs – Premium Shop Packages (for $)
  • Daily Gift
  • Mileage Shop
  • Medal Shop
  • Rainbow Shell Gallery
  • Random In-game Mail Gifts

This should sum up everything you need to know about Treasures in Cookie Run: Kingdom. If there will be more Treasures added, we will make sure to update the guide! Next up, you should check out the Cookie Run: Kingdom codes!

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