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How to Get and Play Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Get and Play Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Once upon a time, the Witch was baking several cookies at a time. Being so busy, she forgot to add her high-quality grapes. She put them in the oak barrels. This way, the cookies got aged. This is how a Vampire Cookie appeared (with the help of that particular grape juice). The motto of this cookie is to enjoy life. The posture of this cookie is smug, and the face is pale; he loves relaxation with the glass of the grape juice in his hand and thoughts about the meaning of life. Though the position of the Vampire Cookie is prioritized to the Rear, he is one of the oldest cookies that appeared in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

​Vampire Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom

This cookie is bright and beautiful as its decor is Sparkling Cookie’s Juice Bar. Among all the toppings, we highly recommend choosing the following ones:

  • The best topping is X5 Searing Raspberry.
  • Also, you can use X5 Bouncy Caramel one.
  • Consider the next two to be pretty good toppings for Vampire Cookie: X2 Bouncy Caramel and 3 Searing Raspberry.

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How to Get Vampire Cookie

Vampire Cookie is one of the Epic Cookies, the third-highest rarity. The chances to get Vampire Cookies or their Soulstones in Gacha are around 19.3%. These Cookies are effective at performing their roles.

It will be easy to get through most Story modes with these cookies, primarily through Dark Mode. So, we highly recommend investing Skill Powders and Toppings into the Vampire Cookie. Using Mileage Points, you can buy a limitless stock of Epic Cookies’ Soulstones (though the newer Epic Cookies become available two months after release). Also, you may find a specific Epic Cookie’s Soulstone dropped by some Dark Mode stages upon completion. Moreover, you can get the Vampire Cookie in limited quantities from the shops (e.g., the Seaside Market, the Rainbow Shell Gallery, or the Arena Medal Shop).

Now you know a lot about the Vampire Cookie. So, start playing the game and get it! Enjoy playing the game with our tips.

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How to Get and Play Vampire Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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