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How to Get and Play Squid Ink Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

How to Get and Play Squid Ink Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

In the first part of the game update called the Soda Island Outlaws, Squid Ink Cookie was released. Its position is considered to be Middle.
The story of its appearance is very touching: a confused and weak cookie was floating along the seashore. This is how it was found. Squid Ink Cookie does not appear in any Story event except when they show up and the Giant Squid of the Deep Sea. One more peculiarity is that this type of Cookie doesn’t have any decor. It is supposed that this Cookie is a sea monster that was eating treasures and attacking treasure ships. It was in a constant search for more gold. Still, Squid Ink Cookie has no reminiscences about that period at all. Because of the viscous ink inside this Cookie, Squid Ink Cookie is not crispy at all! It is constantly sobbing even while sleeping and loves to hide in the pots.

​Squid Ink Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Among all the possible existing toppings, the best match for the Squid Ink Cookie is X5 Searing Raspberry (Full ATK/DMG).

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​How to Get Squid Ink Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Are you in search of Squid Ink Cookie IN Cookie Run: Kingdom? Let us help you find it! First, check in the Mileage Shop. Use Mileage Points to buy this Epic Cookie’s Soulstone (usually, this shop has a limitless stock for them). Also, you may get a specific Cookie’s Soulstone dropped at the Dark Mode stages upon completion. Moreover, visit the shops like the Rainbow Shell Gallery, the Seaside Market, or the Arena Medal Shop. They usually have a limited stock of random Epic Cookie Soulstones.
Do you want to get this fantastic sobbing cookie? Follow the steps above and get it! Don’t waste a second. Enjoy!

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How to Get and Play Squid Ink Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom


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