How to Get and Play Werewolf Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Since release, there were several cookies available in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Werewolf cookie is one of them. He got the prioritized front position. The story of his appearance is rather exciting: a wolf hair accidentally fell in the cookie dough together with pepper. And now, when Werewolf Cookie is scared, he transforms into a feral beast. Once, Cookie’s friend was in danger. He converted to protect him, and this accident revealed his nature to the town. Werewolf Cookie was cast away. Because of tears, this Cookie tastes salty and bitter.

​Werewolf Cookie Toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Werewolf Cookie has a mysterious scar on his face. The best toppings for this Cookie are:

  • 2x Bouncy Caramel and 3x Searing Raspberry.
  • 5x Solid Almond.
  • 5x Searing Raspberry.

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​How to Get Werewolf Cookie

Along with some other cookies, Werewolf Cookie is in the team of Epic Cookies. It got the third-highest rarity. If you are searching for this Cookie or its respective Soulstone, you can do it in Gatcha, and your chances are 19.3%. Also, from time to time, Dark Mode stages may drop some Epic Cookies upon completion. And if you are in search of Werewolf Cookie, then check such shops as the Rainbow Shell Gallery, the Arena Medal Shop, or the Seaside Market, as they tend to stock Epic Cookies from time to time.

Now you know how to get this mysterious and furious Cookie. Let’s start playing then!

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