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Rogue Legacy 2: 26 Best Castle Upgrades

Rogue Legacy 2: 26 Best Castle Upgrades

Similar to the previous entry in the Rogue Legacy franchise, Rogue Legacy 2 expands the original notion of the game, where you need to buy upgrades using Gold. That you acquire during battle and exploration to unlock new Classes, facilities, and other such things—while adding nuances to make the upgrade tree feel slightly new. The game offers an overwhelming 73 upgrades for your Castle. In the wake of that, you must know about the Rogue Legacy 2 best Castle upgrades to ensure your Gold is not wasted on an upgrade that is not required during the early or mid-game. 

Rogue Legacy 2: 26 Best Castle Upgrades

We have sorted out the 26 best Castle upgrades for Rogue Legacy that you can focus on getting first. 

Upgrade Effect
AcademyUnlocks Mages.
Adoption CenterIncreases # of available Heirs in character select to 4.
Archery RangeUnlocks Rangers.
Butcher’s ShoppeUnlocks Barbarians.
Career CenterAllows you to re-roll your characters.
+1 re-roll per rank
Dance HallUnlocks Duelists.
Enchantress’ QuartersUnlocks the Enchantress.
Fighting RingUnlocks Boxers.
FoundationUnlocks the Blacksmith.
Guild of Dark ArtsUnlocks Assassins.
Jousting StudiesYou take reduced damage while Dashing.-5% damage taken per rank
Medieval ForgeryYou can now re-roll Relics and Curios found in the Kingdom.+1 re-roll per rank
Etching ChambersIncreases Max Rune Weight.
+10 Rune Weight per rank
Meditation StudiesRestore Health and Mana when entering a Boss Chamber.+20% Health and Mana restored per rank
Offshore Bank AccountUnlocks the Living Safe.
RyokanUnlocks Ronins.
Sage TotemUnlocks Mastery Rank.
Saltpeter MinesUnlocks Gunslingers.
Sand PitsUnlocks Valkyries.
Screw DistilleryUnlocks the Architect.
The Astral GardensUnlocks Astromancers.
The AviaryUnlocks Dragon Lancers.
The Bizarre BazaarYou can now re-roll Relics and Curios in the same location multiple times.
+1 re-roll per rank
The Flying DocksUnlocks Pirates.
The KitchenUnlocks Chefs.
The TavernUnlocks Bards.

That concludes our guide on Rogue Legacy 2 best Castle upgrades.

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Rogue Legacy 2: 26 Best Castle Upgrades


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