What Is the Best Class in Rogue Legacy 2? – Answered

What Is the Best Class in Rogue Legacy 2? - Answered

Choosing the class might be the hardest task in the game. It is true because the most fun and interesting ones are the most ineffective. But all players want to win and play effectively. So, it is necessary to pick the most powerful class. Here they are.

Top Classes in Rogue Legacy 2

In the game, you have the ability to opt for 1 from 15 classes. All classes are specific, but there are classes that are the most universal and powerful in their abilities. And it is clear that using these classes will make you more effective.

  1. Chef. What is good about the chef is that he can use his pen as a shield, and even reflect the bullets to the enemy, dealing damage to it. The chef has a cooking pot, which he uses to restore health and mana. Also, his primary perk gives him great boosts, such as: increasing the amount of health your Stew restores, magic damage, and Burn damage from both direct hits and fireball damage when projectiles are deflected.
  2. Duelist. This class uses the saber as the main weapon. And it is incredibly powerful. Using it you can combine air, ground, dash, and talent attacks to destroy the enemy. Duelists have a combat roll as a default talent. This is a massive attack that deals damage to all enemies you roll through. Also, this talent is quite useful when you want to dodge enemy attacks. And it makes this class strong.

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Those are 2 of the best classes in Rogue Legacy 2. However, in some cases, you will better use more specific classes than these universal ones.

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What Is the Best Class in Rogue Legacy 2? – Answered


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