Best Armor Sets in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck

Best Armor Sets in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck

In Rogue Legacy 2 you can set up your character as you want. One of the main parts of setup is choosing an armor set. And here is the question – what the best armor is in the game. Let’s find out!

Top Armor Sets in Rogue Legacy 2

In the game, you can pick from 11 sets of armor. Armor is extremely important when you are fighting against the boss. Using the best armor guarantees you the best result. So, what armor sets are the best?

Kin Set

This set focuses on the stats it gives to your character, having the highest stats boost in the game. And it makes this set easy to adapt to any build. However, this set has the maximum equipment weight and price. Therefore, it is not easy to obtain and wear.

Leviathan Set

The Leviathan set is extremely useful because of its unity bonuses. These give this set healing ability for hybrid and caster classes and the highest mana on hit. Additionally, this set can boast of the highest raw armor value in the game. And it makes sense.

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Obsidian Set

The set has the maximum vitality boost, offering more than any other armor set. Therefore, it’s the best set for classes that benefit from vitality the most: Knight, Barbarian, Pirate, Boxer. Using this armor in this class is the best decision.

That’s all with armor sets in Rogue Legacy 2. Hope you find this guide helpful!

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Best Armor Sets in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck


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