Best Weapons in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck

Best Weapons in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck

In Rogue Legacy 2 you can use special weapons to fight against the enemies. Mostly, the weapon you have depends on the character you chose. And the weapon determines the power of the characters.

Weapons in Rogue Legacy 2 

Unfortunately, weapons are badly balanced. Some weapons are too powerful, while others don’t affect your battle. Also, using a strong weapon will make beating the boss easier for you. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what weapons are good. And here is the list.

Frying Pan 

It might sound ridiculous, but this pan is really deadly. Frying Pan can reflect the bullets and light enemies on fire, and that is great. Also, you can hit the enemies once and after just wait until they burn. That is how it works.

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The saber

The saber is good because using it you can combine many attacks type, this weapon makes your character flexible. However, it might be hard for you to use it if you are a beginner, keep it in mind.


It is the most effective weapon in the middle range. Katana can boast of the largest damage range in the game. Also, when you are hitting an enemy with the tip of the blade, the katana will deal critical damage. So, using Katana at the maximum range makes it extraordinarily effective.

Valkyrie’s spear

The slowest weapon on the list, but still effective. This weapon deals a lot of massive damage. So, you will be extremely effective while using it against simple mobs. However, this weapon is useless against the bosses, it is too slow to damage them effectively.

That is all with weapons in Rogue Legacy 2. Hope you find this list helpful!

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Best Weapons in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck


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