How to Play Ranger in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck – Guide and Tips

How to Play Ranger in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck - Guide and Tips

Rogue Legacy 2 provides you with a large variety of classes to opt for. Unfortunately, some of them even do not worth your time. Ranger is a new class, so it is relevant to talk about them now. So, is Ranger good, and how to play this class?

Ranger Guide in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck

The main thing you have to know is that Ranger is the first class that can attack only at a distance. Ranger just kills enemies outside of his battle range. Also, he can not boast of large hp but he has a lot of mana. So, it might be hard to play them, especially when you are a beginner. When it becomes completely clear what rangers do on the battlefield, it is time to check out the ranger’s skills.

How to use Warbow

When your arrow shines and you release it, you do a warbow, which leads to perfect release. Perfect release always does critical damage to the enemy. What is good is that if you are shooting when you are in the air, it knocks you back in the opposite direction that you fired. Use this feature to avoid enemy attacks and move from it.

Ivy Capony

It is the platform that releases each time you use it. The platform makes your character invincible to attacks but allows you to attack dealing critical AoE damage each time you hit the enemy. So, use this feature as much as possible.

Also, when you are playing with a ranger, bear in mind that he is especially strong in the late game. That is all. Hope you will enjoy this character!

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How to Play Ranger in Rogue Legacy 2 on Steam Deck – Guide and Tips


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