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After completing the first tutorial, Pokémon Unite will give you an opportunity to select one of five Pokémon Unite Licenses. This Unite License will give you permanent access to the Pokémon it belongs to. You may obtain more free Unite Licenses through building up your Trainer Level and “14 Day Welcome Gifts” event, but the first playable character in your roster is still important. You can choose between Pikachu, Charizard, Snorlax, Eldegoss, and Talonflame.

Pikachu as a Starter in Pokémon Unite

Probably, this is the most well-known and iconic Pokémon in the World. Even people who didn’t watch Pokémon know this character. But the best part is that Pikachu is a very good choice as starter Pokémon. It is a quick Attacker-type Pokémon with a good range of abilities. It deals a huge amount of damage with its Moves and Unite Move. Also, Pikachu doesn’t feel a lack of crowd control as it slows opponents with Electro Ball and stuns them with Thunderbolt. It is a great choice for a beginner to start learning Pokémon Unite.

Snorlax as a Starter in Pokémon Unite

This fat and always sleepy Pokémon is quite popular too. But, it is also a great choice as a starter. Snorlax is a tough Defender-type character with good survivability. Its abilities, like Heavy Slam and Yawn, give it some good crowd control options. The other Move, Block gives you an opportunity to block the opposing Pokémon movement. Also, its Unite Move, Power Nap is quite powerful and fun to use. Snorlax is an easy-to-learn Defender that fits new players and is one of the best options as a starter Pokémon.

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Talonflame as a Starter in Pokémon Unite

Here is another good option to start your path with. This bird is one of the most mobile Speedsters in the game. It has good dash abilities like Flame Charge. Also upgraded version of Acrobatics, Fly makes your Pokémon more mobile. Flame sweep is a hard Unite Move to use, but it doesn’t overshadow this character and Talonflame is still one of the best options as a starter.

Which Starter Pokémon to Pick in Pokémon Unite

Here we explained the best options to pick. The other two are not so great. Eldegoss is a Supporter type which is not good for beginners, while Charizard lacks something really outstanding from the other All-Rounders. However, you still can pick any Pokémon you like and get the fun by playing it, as there are no completely useless characters.

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