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Most Important Mobile Gaming Stories: Weekly Recap #7

Most Important Mobile Gaming Stories: Weekly Recap #7

Yes, I know, this should’ve been published on Monday, but Wednesday is better that never, right? We had another crazy week here and probably things will get even more insane as the end of the year approaches – but you’re still about to find out which were the biggest stories of the previous week.

And it’s going to be an epic ride for sure, as we have a ton of great content to share with you in our weekly recap, so let’s just get this started!

Probably the biggest news in the mobile gaming world this year (or at least the last big news in the mobile gaming world) was related to the new Diablo game for mobile. But despite the backlash, we believe that Diablo Immortal will be a massive hit on mobile. Our friends over at Pocket Gamer also talked about this so make sure to check out their thoughts as well.

And since hacking and slashing your way in Diablo is still a long way out, but you might just have gotten into the mood for doing that, App Spy’s got you covered. They have listed the top 5 games like Diablo for iOS. We’ve got some solid options, as you can see!

I’m not really the biggest cat lover out there, but I love my cat games just like everybody else out there. And Francesco brought us the news about Cat Lady – a pretty cool game featuring cats that you should try too.

And if cats are not really your thing either, but you’d still like to take care of a fluffy virtual pet (or a Cthulhu monster if that’s your thing), App Spy has a list of the best digital pet games for iOS. There are cats there too!

But if it’s more of a human that you’d like to take care of… that’s possible, too. Kind of. In BitLife: Life Simulator you live the virtual life that you want, with a ton of unpredictable thrown into the mix. Great game. Read about it!

If you prefer something more pleasant to the eye, instead an all-text game, you might want to try your hand at survival with The Outlived. We’ve seen it all in the past, but it doesn’t matter that much: new visuals and a new story are enough for us.

Also, if it’s survival on a greater scale that you’re more interested in – or the part before that (the war that breaks everything), we had some solid games released to cover that as well. And we have guides for you: World War Rising for example brings the MMORTS to your mobile device, while our Panzer League tips and tricks will ensure your survival against packs of enemy tanks.

And there’s even more to tickle your competitive spirit. Take your fighting skills to a galaxy far, far away and then back to earth and various other fantasy lands with 148 Apps’ list of the best games like Star Wars Force Arena.

And, on this happy note about war and survival, we’re ending this week’s recap. If you got this far – thanks for reading and see you next week. Until then – there’s even more to read on our website, so start browsing!

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Most Important Mobile Gaming Stories: Weekly Recap #7


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