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Eastpunk: Journey Tier List

Eastpunk: Journey Tier List
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Combining elements of RPG, gacha, and addictive turn-based combat, Eastpunk: Journey gives you plenty to play around with. And if we’re talking about the gacha moment, the game has quite a few characters for your roster. But not all are created equal!

This is precisely why we made an Eastpunk: Journey tier list. But the fun part is, we don’t know for sure which articles will make it into the game! Eastpunk: Journey is still in the pre-registration phase, so it’s not like you can test the game and see every character in action. Of course, a list like this is bound to be controversial, but that’s all the more reason to jump into it! Before we go, you could also check out active codes for Eastpunk: Journey or simply continue reading.

Eastpunk: Journey Character Tier List

Eastpunk: Journey has a wide selection of characters with various skills.
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As mentioned, you can only pre-register for Eastpunk: Journey right now. While you can’t play the game, you can certainly learn more about it and be as prepared for the eventual launch as possible. Let’s dive into our tier list!

Monkey KingGuo ZiyiLi BaiDufu
PigsyWhite DragonObieHydra
RaynaTiger ArhatTitaPilanpo
SonataLi GuangbiCrimson
NoelleOx KingSulah
Dragon ArhatBone Wraith
LeonisGuo Jin

Tier Explanation

The first thing to note about our tier list is that an S-tier character doesn’t mean a universal solution to all your challenges. Similarly, a C-tier character might prove quite handy in different situations. This is precisely why we didn’t include an S+ tier or a D-tier—both are associated with extreme characters.

The logic behind our tier list was a bit different. We looked at how well a character can achieve a balance between their solo strengths and team synergy. In some cases, the list placement also depended on the role. For instance, Rayna might not be S-tier material for everyone based on her stats alone. However, as a balanced damage-dealing warrior, she easily comes up on top.

This concludes our current tier list for Eastpunk: Journey characters. You can expect the placements to change a bit once the game is out in full, and we can test each character to their maximum. But in the meantime, why not check out our Apps & Lists section for more lists like this?

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Eastpunk: Journey Tier List