How to Jungle in Pokémon Unite

How to Jungle in Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is a free-to-play MOBA game. Like most games of this genre, it has an area called Jungle. So, if there is Jungle then there should be a Jungler. It is a common rule for most MOBA games, and Pokémon Unite is not an exception. This guide will tell you how to be a Jungler in Pokémon Unite.

Jungle in Pokémon Unite

Jungle in Pokémon Unite is typical for MOBA games. It is just a territory between lanes where neutral creeps are present. They are called Wild Pokémon and provide players with additional XP, Aeos Points, and special Jungle Buffs. If your team will use all of these as a source of additional resources it will have an advantage over the opposing team. So, Jungler appears to be an important part and this role is worth to be learned.

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Junglers in Pokémon Unite

The first thing you need to do to become a Jungler is to choose a Pokémon that fits with the role. Typical Jungler has to clear all Wild Pokémon fast and gank opponents. So, the best Pokémon for this role are Attackers and Speedsters with a power spike around level 5, as this is the level you get after clearing all Wild Pokémon in the early game. The best choices for Jungler are Zeraora, Cinderace, Gengar, and Lucario. Of course, you are not forbidden to pick the Pokémon you like. Just make sure you can be effective with it.

Jungle Pattern in Pokémon Unite

Jungle Patterns in MOBA games are a common thing. It is an order you should follow in cleaning Jungle camps. For Pokémon Unite Jungle pattern is simple.

  • The first Wild Pokémon you should kill is Lillipup as it is the only creep that spawns at the start.
  • The next Wild Pokémon you should kill is Ludicolo, as it gives you a damage buff that improves the speed you will clean further jungle camps.
  • Bouffalant provides you with an additional buff that slows enemies you attack. It is worthy enough to be your next target.
  • The last Wild Pokémon you should aim for is Corpfish. Defeating them will give you level 5.

That was all about the common Jungle Pattern in Pokémon Unite. Use it, but don’t stick with it too much. Don’t be afraid of creativity and help your team if they need you. Good luck in your further matches.

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How to Jungle in Pokémon Unite


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