How to Get All Masks in Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade Event

dead by daylight masquerade anniversary feature

Dead By Daylight is celebrating its 6th anniversary with a Twisted Masquerade! Survivors and Killers alike can collect different masquerade cosmetics during this time-limited celebratory event. Beginning June 16th 2022, any player can head into the fog to complete the game and collect a random masquerade mask, with a total of 12 to collect. Find out below how to get all masks in the Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade event!

How to Collect Every Dead By Daylight Mask in the Twisted Masquerade Event

There are 12 masks to find during the Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade event. The anniversary event runs between June 16th and June 30th 2022. During this time Hooks and Lockers are decorated with lights and swathes of luxurious fabric, even the Exit Gates have had a makeover!

dead by daylight event gate 6th anniversary
Luxurious Exit Gates in Dead By Daylight (via BHVR)

The Bloodweb is adorned with special celebratory, limited-time items: Masquerade Med Kits, Flashlights, Toolboxes, and a generous Bloodpoint offering. These items can also be found when searching and rummaging through Chests in-game.

Elodie with her mask and anniversary Med Kit (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

6 Killer masks and 6 Survivor masks are available to collect during this time:

dead by daylight anniversary masquerade masks
All Twisted Masquerade Masks (via BHVR)

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One mask can be obtained per match, and each is assigned randomly- no matter what character you are playing as. To get a mask players must first find the invitation totem in-game. Interact with it to pick up the Masquerade invite:

Interact with the totem to pick up the invitation (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

The player will gain a gold and blue sparkle around them when they have successfully picked up the invitation. Killers do not have to do any thing else except finish the game to collect their reward. For Survivors, however, it is slightly trickier. Survivors must get to the end of the game and be alive when one form of exit is open- either the Hatch or the Exit Gate.

Masked Yui opens the Exit Gate with her invitation (screenshot by Touch Tap Play)

This means the Survivor must either be the last one standing, meaning the Hatch is open, or they (or a team mate) must open an Exit Gate to successfully claim the mask. If they die before the Hatch or Gate is open, they must try again next match.

We hope that has helped you succeed in getting every one of the 12 available masks in Dead By Daylight’s Twisted Masquerade Event! Good luck in The Fog!

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How to Get All Masks in Dead By Daylight Twisted Masquerade Event


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