DogLife: Full List of Achievements and How to Unlock


DogLife is a simulation game from Candywriter LLC, the makers of Bitlife. Players choose from a selection of dog types from street dog, house dog, shelter dog, or pet store dog to play as. Much like Bitlife, players can age up their character, learn skills, navigate through disasters, and complete achievements. Players will have an owner, unless they are a street dog, and may even share a home with other dogs! There is even an option to become a cat instead with a purchasable add-on. Find out below what achievements are currently available to complete as you live your new canine life!

DogLife Achievement List

  • & Stay Out! – Get kicked out on the street
  • 2-pc Wing Dinner – Eat a bird
  • A Clean Hit – Break someone’s bong
  • A New Leash On Life – Have your name changed
  • A Subtle Sting – Sniff a sweaty crotch
  • Addict – Develop a drug addiction
  • An Apple A Day – Get kicked out of the vets office
  • Around the Block – Live on 10 streets in one life
  • Authority Issues – Maul your owner to death
  • BDE: Big Dog Energy – Have a large dog submit to you
  • Bad Product – Get kicked out of a pet store
  • Birthing Company – Give birth to a litter of 3
  • Bustin’ Out! – Escape from home
  • Chicken Run – Have a run-in with animal control
  • Complete A Life – Complete a full life
  • Delivered To The Heavens – Kill the mailman
  • Do It For The Kids – Try to save a marriage
  • Family Ties – Successfully mate with an offspring
  • Fear The Fangs – Bite a tiger
  • Fertile Furball – Have 30 offspring
  • Foam At The Mouth – Contract rabies
  • Funny Bone – Attack a clown
  • Furry Legend – Complete every other achievement
  • Guerrilla Warfare – Survive a gorilla attack
  • Here’s To Evolution – Have an interspecies tryst
  • Horndog – Have 10 mates in one life
  • Iatrophobia – Escape from the vet’s office
  • Infected! – Give rabies to another animal
  • Interbreeder – Climax while humping a human
  • Just Around The Riverbend – Cross a river safely
doglife choose your dog
Choose your dog in Doglife!
  • Life Sentence – Survive 10 consecutive years in the shelter
  • Love Wins – Support your owner coming out
  • Mature Mammal – See your 15th birthday
  • My Mane Man – Cuddle with a lion
  • Nonfatal Decision – Escape from the shelter
  • Nosed Around – Add 50 animals to your scent database
  • Not Very Lice – Get called a fleabiscuit
  • Not For Sale – Escape from the pet store
  • One Trick Pony – Master a trick
  • Over Sheltered – Get returned to the shelter
  • Pawcifist – Submit to an aggressor
  • Pleasant Perfume – Attract multiple males to your scent
  • Porcelain Springs – Drink out of the toilet
  • Quarter-Centenarian – See your 25th birthday
  • Rabid Creature – Give rabies to a human
  • Revolving Merchandise – Get returned to a pet store
  • Ruh-Roh, Raggy! – Have a paranormal experience
  • Service Animal Certified – Save someone’s life
  • Show-Off – Master 10 tricks in one life
  • Sly Cooper – Evade the animal catcher
  • Still Learning New Tricks – See your 20th birthday
  • That’s Amore – Slurp a spaghetti noodle
  • The Nose Knows – Locate a lost animal in your scent database
  • They See Me Rollin’ – Go for a ride in a Rolls Royce
  • Time Traveler – Use the time machine
  • We Are Castaways – Stow away on a ship to a distant land
  • Well-Traveled – Emigrate with your owner
  • Why Is It Spicy? – Sniff an animal that smells like wasabi
  • Witchcraft – Get cured of a disease by the witch doctor
  • ZAP! – Get struck by lightning

As we complete each challenge and find out the full details of how to achieve them, we will link the articles here, so keep checking back if you need more information!

DogLife is available on Android and iOS from November 2021

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DogLife: Full List of Achievements and How to Unlock


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