DogLife ZAP! Achievement: How to Get Struck by Lightning in DogLife


DogLife from Candywriter LLC brings some of the funniest and most bizarre challenges to complete. The list of achievements you can complete includes some that, in real life, animals would actually want to avoid, such as catching rabies, breeding with offspring, or getting struck by lightning. However, just like its human counterpart BitLife, these are all part of the fun of the text simulation game.

Some of the achievements are more frustrating than others and take some patience to gain. The ZAP! achievement is one such challenge. Find out below how some players have managed to achieve the ZAP! challenge to get struck by lightning in DogLife.

ZAP! Achievement in DogLife

How to Get Struck by Lightning in DogLife

Just like in real life, a lightning strike can occur anywhere outside, and it can happen to anyone. You don’t have to be a street dog—you could be an escaped house dog or pet store dog—but you do need to be outside to have a greater chance of being struck by lightning. Unfortunately for achievement hunters, this one can only be obtained with patience. This is a randomly occurring event that cannot, to the best of our knowledge, be forced. Your dog character will have to be an adult dog and be outside at the time, but other than that, it is a fairly rare and random event. When you do finally get hit by lightning, you will receive a notification that it has happened, and you will find that your stats all soar to 100—an upside to getting your fur fried!

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Let us know in the comments below if you have managed to gain this achievement yet—and how many dog lives did you have to play through to finally get it?

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DogLife ZAP! Achievement: How to Get Struck by Lightning in DogLife



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