DogLife Sly Cooper Achievement: How to Evade the Animal Catcher in DogLife


DogLife, the canine version of BitLife from Candywriter LLC, brings realistic aspects of life as a pooch in a text-game format. Players can be a dog living in a house with a family, a pet store dog looking to be bought by a good owner, a shelter dog waiting for someone to adopt them, or a street dog getting into scraps and fending for itself. Each dog type has its own challenges to face and obstacles to overcome.

If you choose to play as a street dog, or if you manage to escape your current home, there is a chance you will be captured by the Animal Catcher and sent to the shelter. The Sly Cooper achievement can be gained by evading the Animal Catcher. Here is a guide on how to complete it.

DogLife Animal Catcher Mini-Game (via Gampur)

How to Evade the Animal Catcher in DogLife

The Animal Catcher will show up randomly, and you will have to complete a mini-game in order to avoid his grasp. The mini-game asks you to jump over obstacles as you run—to do this, just tap and hold on the screen as you approach an obstacle. You must be absolutely perfect with your timings in this game, as the Animal Catcher is right on your tail and will capture you if you run into any of the obstacles in your path.

The trick is to make sure your jump is high enough to completely clear whatever it is you are jumping over. Be aware that you may have to attempt this mini-game more than once before you become a master evader and complete this achievement! It can be a little frustrating.

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Let us know in the comments below if you managed to complete the Sly Cooper achievement the first time you attempted it!

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DogLife Sly Cooper Achievement: How to Evade the Animal Catcher in DogLife


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