DogLife The Nose Knows Achievement: How to Locate a Lost Animal in DogLife


DogLife from Candywriter LLC is a simulation text game just like BitLife—but with pets! You can play as a house dog, a street dog, a pet store dog, or a dog in a shelter. All dogs have different situations to overcome and challenges to face. There is also a range of achievements to complete as you play the game, a few of which need an extra add-on to purchase.

The Nose Knows achievement is one of those challenges and needs the Top Dog add-on to complete. This add-on costs just a few dollars, but with it, you get both the Dog Lover and Cat Lover ad-ons, customization options, dark mode, no ads, and the ability to locate lost animals. A bargain if you will be playing DogLife a lot!

Scent Database in DogLife (via Gamepur)

How to Locate a Lost Animal in DogLife

At some point in the game, you may want to seek out a friend or family pet that has run away. Locating an animal in DogLife requires the Scent Database—this is where your dog stores all the smells they have sniffed out while meeting others. This includes cats! To get an animal’s scent, you need to tap the Hierarchy tab at the bottom left of your screen and find the sniff action. Any scents you have picked up from here will be stored in the Scent Database.

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If any animal goes missing, you can track them using the scent you have stored in the database! Tap the Scent Database, find the exact animal you want to track, and then tap on the option to track their scent. Once you have discovered the lost animal, you will gain the Nose Knows achievement.

Tell us when you manage to achieve this challenge in the comments below!

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DogLife The Nose Knows Achievement: How to Locate a Lost Animal in DogLife


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