DogLife Foam at the Mouth Achievement: How to Get Rabies in Doglife


DogLife is here, and it wants you to get infected! The Candywriter LLC simulation text game has a whole host of challenges to test even the most dedicated dog lover. Some ask you to escape, attack, and make a general nuisance of yourself, while others put you and your friends in danger…

The Foam At The Mouth achievement may seem counterintuitive to many dogs and dog owners alike, but it’s part of the fun in DogLife. This infectious disease is transmitted between animals and can make an animal act out aggressively and foam at the mouth. In real life, the infection is usually gained through being bitten. In DogLife, this achievement is a little different, but is more likely to be achieved if the dog is living outside and interacting with other, unfamiliar, dogs. Find out below how you can easily gain this achievement when you play DogLife.

Rabies Achievement Unlocked in DogLife!

How to Get infected with Rabies in DogLife

In DogLife, you can contract rabies if your dog mates or fights with another dog who has the disease. This is more likely to occur if your dog is a street dog or interacting with street dogs, as these types of dogs don’t have owners who can pay to give them vaccines. When out on the dirty streets, dogs can get into all sorts of scrapes, including fights with infected animals. They can also mate with infected animals, and you won’t know that the other dog was infected until afterward, unfortunately.

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If you do manage to contract rabies in DogLife, you can go on to gain two other achievements: Infected!, where you infect another animal with rabies, and Rabid Creature, where you infect a human with rabies.

Let us know in the comments below if you managed to gain these three achievements in one go!

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DogLife Foam at the Mouth Achievement: How to Get Rabies in Doglife


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