DogLife: Nonfatal Decision Achievement: How to Escape the Shelter


DogLife is Candywriter’s dog-themed version of BitLife, and is full of surprises and a huge list of achievements to complete. Players can live the life of various types of dogs from all backgrounds and breeds. Choose to be a pet dog living in a house, a puppy in a pet store, a down-and-out pup on the street, or a pooch in an animal shelter. If you are surviving in a shelter you may find the owners aren’t too friendly, and you will want to escape. Check out our guide below on how you can escape the animal shelter and earn your ‘Nonfatal Decision Achievement’ in the process.

How to Escape the Animal Shelter in DogLife

There are currently two ways to escape a shelter- through the mini game, or by inciting a couple of riots. Two escape the animal shelter you will need to go to your ‘Activities’ tab and select escape. If it isn’t available just age up a few times and it should be ready. You then attempt an escape using the mini game. The escape is tricky and may take a few attempts to complete the puzzle.

Attempt an Escape from the Animal Shelter in DogLife!

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When you select ‘Escape’ from the Activities tab a mini-game pops up. You and the animal shelter owner are in a grid of squares with randomly positioned razor wire, and an Exit sign. The aim is to escape by reaching the Exit sign before the shelter owner catches up with you. Unfortunately they move twice for every one of your moves so escape is not made easy!

A Successful Escape from the Shelter! (via DogLife)

The trick is to try and strategise and plan your moves before taking a step. Use the razor wire to your advantage- keep it between you and the shelter owner for as many moves as possible. This could put some distance between you both and increase your chance of getting to the exit before they catch up with you.

Follow our separate guide here to see how to escape during a riot.

Good luck!

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DogLife: Nonfatal Decision Achievement: How to Escape the Shelter


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