DogLife Nonfatal Decision Achievement: How to Start a Riot in the Animal Shelter

doglife riot feature

DogLife from Candywriter is the pet version of their simulation text game, BitLife. You can choose to start off in a house, a pet store, on the street, or in an animal shelter. You can also end up in a shelter if you act up at home, or get caught by the animal catcher on the street. Life at the shelter isn’t very pleasant and there is a chance you will be euthanised if the owner isn’t very nice. Find out below how you can escape the shelter during a riot.

Sometimes a pop up will appear asking you if you would like to start a riot (via DogLife)

How to Start a Riot in the Animal Shelter

Once you have been living in an animal shelter for about 6 months you should gain the ability to start a riot. You can find this option under the activities tab, or it may pop up randomly while you are playing the game. When you start the riot, a mini-game (much like the old mobile game Snake) appears.

Riot at the shelter! (via DogLife)

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The first time you start a riot, the game will ask you to recruit 10 dogs. Use directional swipes to change where you are heading to, avoiding the walls and the staff who will appear as the game goes on. You won’t be able to escape during the first riot and will have to wait for the second chance. During the second riot you will be asked to gather 15 other dogs, this will cause a bigger distraction and give you a chance to escape.

RIOT! (via DogLife)

The second riot can occur 6 months after the first one so just age up until it isn’t shaded out in the Activities tab anymore, or wait until a pop up appears asking you if you’d like to start one. Good luck!

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DogLife Nonfatal Decision Achievement: How to Start a Riot in the Animal Shelter


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