DogLife Top Dog Guide: Price and Specifics


DogLife by Candywriter is a text simulation game much like BitLife. You play as various different types of dogs, making decisions for them as they try to survive all the adventures and obstacles of modern life. You have the option to be randomly assigned a dog type, or you can create a specific type such as Street Dog, Shelter Dog, Pet Store Dog, or House Dog. There are extra add-ons available to purchase that grant you some further options, if you decide you are enjoying the game. Find out what they include below.

DogLife Top Dog Guide

Top Dog is one of three extras available to download as one-time purchases. “Dog Lover” and “Cat Lover” are the other two, and they offer you the chance to choose from all dog breeds, or the option to play different cat breeds. Both “Dog Lover” and “Cat Lover” cost $1.99. “Top Dog,” however, includes both of these extras, plus more!

Become Top Dog in DogLife

The “Top Dog” download includes:

  • Dog Lover– Unlocks all dog breeds
  • Cat Lover– Unlocks the option to play as a cat, including multiple breeds
  • Full Customization– Customize all attributes and appearance of the dog or cat, plus the ability to edit the human owners and other animal friends.
  • Dark Mode– Offers the ability to use Dark Mode, making the background black and the text white
  • No ads!
  • Locate lost animals– Unlocks the ability to locate lost animals if you have their scent

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“Top Dog” costs around $3, which is a good deal if you know you will play the game a lot. It is also useful to purchase if you are the type of gamer who enjoys collecting all of the achievement badges in games, as there is a specific achievement for locating lost animals called “The Nose Knows Achievement.”

You can purchase “Top Dog” by following in-game prompts when attempting to select customization or location options, or in your app store.

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DogLife Top Dog Guide: Price and Specifics


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