A wired connection or wireless? Which one is better for playing a multiplayer title like Warzone 2? Packet loss, latency, ping, and other factors govern the general playability of any multiplayer game and are also responsible for your performance, depending on your connection. And seeing that, we have many players who want to know does ethernet make a difference when playing Warzone 2.

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Does Ethernet Make A Difference When Playing Warzone 2?

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Yes! Using an ethernet connection to play Warzone 2 is better than using a wireless connection prone to high latency issues, dropped signals, slow speed, and other factors. 

With an ethernet connection, players will have less ping and no packet loss issues, making the gameplay experience better in online multiplayer titles. 

Whether you are playing Warzone 2 on consoles or a PC, we recommend using a wired ethernet connection over Wi-Fi as it is subject to different interference that affects the connection.

However, you can minimize the gaps between the ethernet connection and Wi-Fi by using a more sophisticated version of regular Wi-Fi, the multiple-band gaming Wi-Fi. It helps you reduce ping while providing a better connection. 

But once again, the gaming Wi-Fi will fall short if you compare it with an ethernet cable connection. 

That is it. Now you know that ethernet does make a difference when playing Warzone 2, we hope you can switch to one. 

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Does Ethernet Make A Difference When Playing Warzone 2? – Answered


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