The Stronghold Key is one of the most critical items in Warzone 2.0 and MW2’s PvPvE DMZ game mode. It gives you access to Strongholds with better loot and gear that, once exfilled, makes you more prepared for your next match. Since the game doesn’t tell you how to get Stronghold Keys in Warzone 2 DMZ, we are here with a handy guide. 

How to Get Stronghold Key In Warzone 2 DMZ Mode

There are multiple ways in which you can get Stronghold Key in Warzone 2.0. 

  • You can get the Stronghold Key from bags, lockers, and other searchable items.
  • You can get the Stronghold Key from other players after killing them and searching their bodies.
  • By killing high-profile AI enemies found around the Al Mazrah map.
  • Or use the best option, which is buying the Stronghold Key for 5000$ at the Buy Station
  • By killing high-profile AI enemies found around the Al Mazrah map.

Some of the Buy Stations may not offer a Stronghold Key. But don’t worry, that means there is no Stronghold near that buy station. In our playthrough, we always found the Stronghold Key available at the Buy Station near Stronghold. 

What Are Stronghold Keys Used For In Warzone 2 DMZ

You can use the Stronghold Keys to unlock Strongholds that randomly appear on the Al Mazrah. There are multiple Strongholds, and they offer high-tier loot that you can exfil to be better prepared for the next match. 

To locate a Stronghold in Warzone 2.0, open your Tac Map during a DMZ match and look for the white Fortress icon. These are the Strongholds, and you can identify them using the Orange Flags hoisted around the Strongholds. 

That being said, we recommend you to have Grenade and better loot before you enter a Stronghold. You will encounter waves of enemies, some with Shield, others with armors that take multiple hits to break, and so on. 

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How to Get Stronghold Key In Warzone 2 DMZ 


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