In today’s article, we are going to share with you our top picks for the best idle games available on mobile, for Android or iOS. The competition here is really fierce, with tons of titles to choose from, so we’ll have quite a few games to look at.

I personally love this type of games and find them fascinating – no matter if they’re truly incremental games or idle clickers (which are no longer as popular as they used to be) and I am sure you feel the same.

But with so many launched every week, it’s difficult to keep track of the best and some hidden gems can easily be missed. But we’re here to help prevent that as much as possible by sharing our top picks for idle games on Android and iOS – games you will love playing in 2020 and beyond!

So, these being said, these are the best idle games for mobile!

Idle Theme Park Tycoon

This is one of the best idle games that I have played by a long run! There are plenty of upgrades that you can build for making your theme park the most profitable one ever. With tons of choices in terms of fun rides and whatnot, you will never get bored!

Not only that, but you can buy bigger and better islands to build more theme parks on, and all the little upgrades that you build will reflect in the game (so if you buy an extra seat, you will actually see it on your ride, for example).

It’s a great game, and you can achieve pretty much anything as long as you log in from time to collect profits and upgrade some more.

If you decide to download it, you can check out our game guide to learn how to play the game early on! You can download Idle Theme Park Tycoon from the App Store and Google Play.

Bud Farm Idle

This game is pretty fun, because you basically grow your very own weed crops and sell them for profit. It is mostly fun because you can have several types of plants growing, each giving a different passive income (and they are really colorful, so it’s nice to just watch them too).

Basically you have to tap, tap, tap constantly, and the money will start rolling in – so if you’re a fan of active clicking, this one’s for you. Because when you stop tapping, you will make less money. But overall, you will love unlocking new strains and keeping your bud farm going.

We’ve had quite a blast playing the game, so if you want to give it a try, make sure you also check out our game guide to get a head start in the game!

You can download the game from Google Play or the App Store.

Art Inc.

This game is one of my absolute all time favorites. It’s got a little bit of idle-ness, and a little bit of non-idle-ness, if that makes any sense! In this game you basically have all kinds of (famous and less famous) art pieces from all across the world, which you can keep on display in your very own gallery.

All of the art exhibits give you passive income, but you also have to find more artworks and bid in auctions to win them. It’s overall pretty exciting, and it’s not your typical idle game where you log in once a day and tap a couple times and that’s it – instead, you have plenty of stuff to do.

I definitely suggest giving it a shot, because it’s going to be very fun! Also, we’ve got a game guide for this as well for when you want to try it out!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Hacking Hero

This game was extremely fun for me, since all of the things you do in game are basically you (and a bunch of other hackers) beating computer viruses. You make money from doing so, which allows you to purchase upgrades and hire more hackers, which in turn let you pass more difficult levels and beat tougher enemies.

Overall, the game has very nice and simple graphics, and very fun characters, made even more fun by the fact that you can see the small lines of dialogue that they use to interact with each other. Hacking Hero is truly an idle game, and one that you will love for its charming simplicity.

Check out our Hacking Hero game guide to learn how to play the game. Then head over to Google Play and download it ASAP.

Mr. Kim, The Mid-Aged Knight

This game is one of the most fun idle dungeon fighter games you will find – at least, it was for me. You play as Mr. Kim, who is basically a “Midle-Age Knight” (as the title suggests) and he adventures through the dungeons and fights all kinds of dragons and monsters.

It’s fun because of the interactions as well, and when the game just starts, you’ll be presented with the introductory comic which places you right into the story. The game has amazing pixel graphics, and a lot of fun interactions and it’s simply that type of game that you can’t have enough of.

It’s got quests and companions, and a ton of outfits as well. Check out our game guide to learn more about the game! It’s definitely worth giving it a shot!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Big Bang Evolution & Homo Evolution

Both of these games follow the same pattern, which is: unlock a new species (or item) by combining two of the previous ones. It gets increasingly more difficult, the more you unlock, but there are a ton of upgrades you can make to help you with this.

Both of the games are super fun, because you can choose various paths to follow, and even if you leave the games for a while, they will continue to progress as much as the upgrades allow you to.

The only difference is that Big Bang Evolution has you playing with bombs, while Homo Evolution follows the evolution of species. Either way, both of them are equally fun and entertaining – so pick one or both and have fun! And of course, we have our very own Big Bang Evolution guide and Homo Evolution guide to help you all throughout the game!

You can download Big Bang Evolution from Google Play or App Store. You can download Homo Evolution from Google Play or App Store.

Idle Evil Clicker

This game follows you into the depths of Hell, where you have to basically build your own “hell hole”. The game follows a pretty simple pattern, where you torture the damned in various manners and try to collect tons of souls to upgrade stuff around only to start over again, stronger and better.

It’s extremely fun to watch (if you don’t mind the heat) and you can have a pretty good time in this game, which is extremely fun and lighthearted. Check out our game guide to learn how to start on the right foot, then make sure to download the game from the App Store or Google Play.

Bitcoin Billionaire

The Bitcoin madness might’ve went down a little bit, but Bitcoin Billionaire (both the game, and the dream to become one in real life) remained. And the game is definitely a fun one, with gorgeous graphics and simple yet rewarding mechanics.

Bitcoin Billionaire is an idle clicker, which means that the more you tap, the more money you make. It’s overall pretty entertaining up to the point where you have to put down your device and start doing other stuff, because it’s really addictive!

All you really have to do though is follow our guide and you will always do the right thing in the game. For the lovers of idle clickers, this is definitely a must try in my books!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Idle Zoo Tycoon

This game is super captivating and relaxing, and if you want an idle game where you don’t have to go crazy and lose a finger (from tapping non stop) in the process, then this is the one for you.

You basically have to manage a zoo, with all of its perks, and make all kinds of upgrades to keep the money rolling. The graphics are absolutely lovely – again, I am biased towards pixel graphics – and you will definitely have a good time playing it, even if it’s a little bit slow compared to other games in this list.

Check out our Idle Zoo Tycoon game guide to learn how to make the right choices in the game and build your perfect zoo. Then, you can download the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Idle Planet Miner

This is an awesome game if you want a game that you can actually play during your office hours, because it doesn’t require a lot of time invested. It’s a truly idle game that you can play in short bursts a few times each day.

In Idle Planet Miner you manage a few mines, which you will have to keep running every 2 hours or so, because the production stops after some time. It’s not a big deal – basically, all you have to do is log every now and then and keep your mines running, gather resources and keep upgrading.

You will have plenty of missions and tasks to complete, so you will never get bored! Also, check out our game guide to learn exactly how to play the game for the best rewards!

You can download it from the App Store and Google Play.

Idle Coffee Corp

Do you like coffee? Let’s be honest – who doesn’t?! Well, if you ever dreamed of being a successful barista or even owning your very own coffee shop, you can try that in this idle game!

You will have a variety of fun looking customers, each looking to buy a coffee (from hipsters to regular people) and you will be looking to serve them with the best coffee you got. It’s a fun little idle clicker, where you will make all kinds of upgrades in the hope that you will create the ultimate coffee shop.

The game has some pretty fun looking graphics, an odd combination between LEGO and Minecraft (maybe leaning more towards the Minecraft side), and you’ll be tasked to serve all the customers and give them your best! You should check out our game guide to learn how to deal with this, and make the game much easier!

You can download the game from the App Store and Google Play.

Idle Heroes

Probably one of the most popular idle games to ever be released on mobile, Idle Heroes is an RPG of massive scale, one that will keep you busy for hours – and turn you into an addict, most likely. And it’s truly perfect!

In this game you collect heroes (and you have a ton to choose from), battle other enemies and level up your existing heroes, compete in various events and do it all in idle mode. A perfect combination of RPG and idle game mechanics, this game is perfectly built for the mobile platform.

You can get a head start in the game with our tips and tricks article and you can download the game from the App Store or Google Play.

Almost a Hero

We continue with idle games with heavy RPG elements and move on to this fun title that puts you in charge of a band of misfits – those who almost became heroes, but failed for a reason or another.

For example, we have Lia who shoots a bow – but doesn’t quite hit the target. Fun and lighthearted, the game does manage to deliver incredible complexity and huge replay value, plus hours of countless fun: tons of challenges and side missions will keep you busy and you can’t help but fall in love with the game.

Check out our guide here, then make sure to give it a try by getting it from the App Store or Google Play.

Ulala: Idle Adventure

One of the most recently released games on our list, but also one that will surely stand the trials of time. Insanely fun and with unique concepts (such as pairing up with different other players to create parties in order to pass the stages), Ulala Idle Adventure is one of a kind!

Various classes, tons of items and things to do… these are just some of the things that make this unique game and instant hit and one of our favorites. Very complex, too – so make sure you check out our guide before jumping into the game.

You can download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Adventure Capitalist

Take advantage of all the opportunities that capitalism offers and build your own business empire by starting at the bottom, but with big dreams. From there onward… sky is the limit!

A really cool idle game with tons of features, also scoring high on the fun factor, Idle Capitalist doesn’t require a ton of commitment from your side, which is sometimes a great thing. In this case, it works – and does so flawlessly, so give the game a try and see how fun it is!

Download it from the App Store or Google Play.

AFK Arena

Sit back and relax in a beautiful world full of epic tales, exciting adventures and an abundance of rewards. Great mechanics and some solid RPG features make this game a great one to play.

You have various heroes to collect, level up and use for creating invincible teams to take over the game world, either in the Arenas against other players or in various game modes available every day – and we also have some tips and tricks to help you get started.

Download AFK Arena from the App Store or Google Play.

These would be our picks for the best mobile idle games! There are a ton of options out there and we might’ve missed some of your favorites, so if you have additional games to add to our list, don’t hesitate to comment below and let us know!


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