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Idle Heroes Tier List – All Characters Ranked

Idle Heroes Tier List – All Characters Ranked
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Do you want to assemble the best possible team in Idle Heroes? If that is the case, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we share our picks for the best Idle Heroes characters and arrange them by factions. Give our Idle Heroes character tier lists a look, pick your favorites (or the strongest), and get to battle!

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Idle Heroes—Shadow Heroes Tier List

The table below contains some of the best Shadow heroes arranged in tiers.

SEloise, Horus, Ithaqua, Jahra
ABaade, Blood Blade, Kharma, Tix, Walter
BAidan, Gustin, Kamath, Lutz
CCorpsedemon, Onkirimaru
DAnnabelle, Azrael,
EDominator, Field

Idle Heroes—Fortress Heroes Tier List

If you’re mostly interested in the Fortress faction, here are its best heroes in our opinion.

SFiona, Holmes Young, Penny, Sherlock, Xia
AEmily, Flame Strike, Inosuke, Sigmund, Valentino
BOrmus, UniMax3000
CIceblink, OD-01
DMiki, Mirage, Saja
EBleecker, Honor Guard

Idle Heroes—Abyss Heroes Tier List

The best heroes of the Abyss faction are listed in the table below.

SKing Barton, Kroos, Skerei
ACthugha, Delacium, Karim, Nakia, Queen
BIgnis, Waldeck
CBarea, Dantalian, Morax
DMargaret, Natasha
EFat Mu, Gusta, Lord Balrog

Idle Heroes—Forest Heroes Tier List

In case you prefer Forest heroes, here’s our tier list for that faction.

SGaruda, Rogan, Valkyrie
ADemon Hunter, Heart Watcher, Vesa
BElyvia, Flora, Freya, Groo, Oberon, Rosa, Starlight
CMalassa, Xiahou
DDragon Slayer, Gloria
EEddga, Faceless

Idle Heroes—Dark Heroes Tier List

Dark heroes fans will find this tier list the most useful.

AAmen-Ra, Amuvor, Aspen
BCarrie, Das Moge
CMihm, Phorcys
DDark Arthindol
EMockman, Sleepless

Idle Heroes—Light Heroes Tier List

If you’re interested in Light heroes the most, check out this selection.

SAida, Belrain
AAsmodel, Russell
BEos, Michelle, Tara
CFaith Blade
DAndrea, Gerke

Idle Heroes—Transcendence Heroes Tier List

Finally, Transcendence heroes have some of the most powerful characters in the game. Here are the strongest in our opinion.

SLord of Fear – Aspen, Scarlet Queen – Halora, Star Swordsman – Mockman
AMystic Fairy – Freya, Sword Flash – Xia
BFairy Queen – Vesa, The Sun Devourer – Eos
CAsmodel the Dauntless, Star Wing – Jahra
DLord of Death – Azrael, Star Alchemist – Holmes Young Builds

With more than 400 heroes in the game, it is difficult to rank them all, especially because the rankings may differ depending on whether you use them in PvP or PvE. For instance, Fairy Queen Vesa fares much better in PvE play than in PvP. The ultimate ranking may also differ based on how you use certain characters or your personal preference.

Therefore, let us know if you have any suggestions on which heroes deserve to be in our S tiers in your opinion. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out our section dedicated to Idle Heroes.

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Idle Heroes Tier List – All Characters Ranked


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