Dungeon Inc Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide


PikPok have recently launched Dungeon Inc on mobile, and we absolutely love playing it here at TTP! It’s an incremental / endless clicker game with a great style, a ton of humor and extremely addictive gameplay. The perfect incremental game, in my opinion! And I am here to help you get better at it by sharing a bunch of Dungeon Inc cheats and tips in a complete strategy guide that will help you unlock more areas and make a fortune.

There’s a lot to do in this game, so let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out below some Dungeon Inc tips and tricks to improve your game!

Your staff is extremely important
You unlock new staff by opening the various types of chests available in the game and they’re extremely important. The Staff helps when the Audit comes and makes it easier for you to defeat the auditors and unlock more chests at the same time. It’s also these characters that you take with you in battle against other players to show your might, earn keys and unlock even more!

Each staff member has different skills and offers various bonuses. This makes their placement in your Dungeon extremely important. So make sure you read what they do and based on that, decide if they should be placed higher or lower in the dungeon. For example, Dead Letter boosts a room’s production greatly, meaning that you should keep her in the room that’s making you most money. Trim Reaper, on the other hand, gives you a flat amount of money when he’s defeated, meaning that you should usually keep him at the top in order to have the auditors defeat him and therefore make you some money.

Apart from keeping an eye on what each of your staff member does, you should also note that you can place them in any room. This means that even though the Bubbler, for example, can only be unlocked once you’ve reached Chillsville, you can also place it in the Tree Fort. And you should do, actually: make sure that you fill all the levels in your fort and leave no empty space in order to keep defeating the Auditors.

Beating Auditors is extremely rewarding!
Auditors will visit your dungeon every few minutes and they are extremely important. If you have a nice setup of Staff and upgraded rooms, you can easily take them out – even the latter stages where they are extremely dangerous. But defeating multiple Auditor teams in a row gives you better Chests to unlock and helps you quickly upgrade your staff and unlock new members. So make sure that you spend as much time in the game as possible and beat the Auditors when they arrive: it doesn’t matter how many of your Staff members are destroyed by them as long as you defeat them in the end!

Spin the wheel!
By tapping the wheel in the upper right corner, you can watch an ad in order to be able to spin it. Make sure you take advantage of this because any outcome will improve your earnings by more or less, therefore making it easier for you to progress through the game.

When to Claim insurance
Doing this basically resets the game and has you start from scratch, but you get to keep your Staff. Unlike other games, the insurance dollars you have don’ seem to give you a bonus to your earnings, meaning that you should only Claim insurance when you have enough to either: get a new relic or upgrade the relic(s) you already have.

Each of these gets more and more expensive as you go through the game, so you should find a balance between upgrading and unlocking new ones. From what I saw, the relics really offer huge bonuses, so my suggestion would be to deal with them like this: first Claim insurance to unlock a relic, then claim insurance when you can upgrade (ideally more relics), then reset again when you can unlock a new relic and so on.

These would be, for now, our tips and tricks for Dungeon Inc. Do you have extra advice for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below!

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Dungeon Inc Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide


  1. I dont really know which method is more effective but im still going to say it.

    You can claim insurance again and again until you have the desired amount of insurance. For example you want to upgrade a relic that costs 6000 insurance. You can choose between waiting until ur dungeon is worth 6000 insurance or keep restarting every 1000 insurace 6 times.

    • I can tell ya, the second option is a great deal more time efficient. No doubt this will be patched soon, with something like a claim-cooldown or 1claim/day type of rule.

      • Naah…since the timings between raids don’t change even if u go higher and the dollar rewards keep increasing on the other hand the best way is to keep fighting raids till u start losing. For example if u reset after 1 fight let’s say u win 100+100+100 and if u don’t reset u win 100+120+140

        • Nvm actually…I was wrong…I forgot to sum up the money u get from room upgrades..since u can reach the rooms fairly easier compared to the last time it makes it easier if u reset and play..

  2. Did you notice any bonus to income given by currency to spent on Relics? Also, I am tending to agree with the strategy above since you seem to hit a wall relatively soon and waiting to get to 6000 takes a lot more time, overall, than resetting 6 times.

  3. Early on, I definitely recommend doing the 1000 cash grinding method. But when you get close to/near the Fire Fortuna, you should definitely wait it out. I generally cash in around 50K cash now. The chests I get from the audits are amazing, I even get MEGA CHESTS which have epics in them, and defeating that audit gives at least 1000 cash towards the fire insurance claim. So basically early in the game you should definitely do the 1000 grind method, but later in the game I would wait and get the chests/cash from the audits. Hope this helped!

    • I think it’s chosen by which dungeon you are last on. I just raided to come back to a dungeon that I had no defenders in that go raided, when I had a fully staffed one available. So if you close the app on the dungeon you want to use to defend, I think that’s the one that’s chosen.

  4. When you’re raiding, send multiple employees at once, their tap damage stacks. I recommend Roll-a-dex first or second, then your other 2 strongest. They’ll bunch up together and give you 35+ tap damage.

    Also if you have a raid tap damage bonus from the Golden bat chest, you can usually get some significant damage on a defender before your raiding party even reaches that room

  5. Step 1 : use dead letter with the number crank trap in last unlocked level. Step 2 : set bone dry in second to last unlocked level, or death tax if only 2 levels unlocked. Step 3 : death tax in the last unlocked column. Step 4 : film flame in the top of the next audited column let him get final blow. Step 5 : use mimicking’s ability about 3 seconds before last unlocked level completes. Honorable mentions. Save gold bat drop profit value by taping bat and scrolling screen down wait for about 45 seconds left on last level then watch 30 second ad it gives you way more value out of the gold bat. Hm 2 send hopeless raids with blaziken, film flame, junk trunk, chesterbatch, and trim reaper to get extra money.


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