Cats & Soup Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Beginners

How to Switch Cats in Cats & Soup

The title Cats and Soup appeared on mobile platforms in October 2021. In such a short period, it managed to find fans who made more than 5 million downloads. And all thanks to the long-known formula: any project plus cats equals success. Next in our guide, we will consider tips, tricks, and cheats on Cats & Soup.

The developer HIDEA made sure that time passed quickly in the game. You constantly need to click on ready-made dishes, a lot of advertising, and various awards. All this helps to have fun and spend time.

Cats and Soup – Tips and Tricks

  • There is the following currency in the game:
  • Gold. You can earn it by selling food or watching a video.
  • Gems are added for completing achievements, missions, or watching ads.
  • Recipe points are generated in restrooms or at the frog when it rains.

Cat Accommodation Tips

Each cat specializes in cooking something unique. For example, the Turkish Angora’s skill is activated when it is placed on the carrot cutting spot.

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Tap on any kitchen and two icons will appear. Select the cat icon, then its skill. If the image is gray, then the skill is not working. Move the animal to the kitchen where carrots are being cut. Then get a bonus for cooking.


To increase the effect of skills, it is enough to feed the cat with fish. Every four-legged friend has a heart scale. The more it is filled, the better his or her skill in cooking is manifested. Legendary fish will bring more hearts.


Be sure to upgrade any objects. In the long run, this will bring more profit in less time. And the more gold, the more buildings and the collection of cats.

Received recipe points should be immediately used for improvement. Such actions will also increase the cost of the dish when sold.


Animals, like people, like to admire themselves. Therefore, they constantly want to take a photo. Help them, and get gold as a reward yourself.


You can open the treasure chest by watching ads or by spending gems. The chest contains hats, clothes, or accessories that are worn by cats for special effects. For example, a straw hat increases the speed of slicing carrots, so it must be equipped by a cat that works in such a kitchen.

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Cats & Soup Guide, Tips, Tricks, and Cheats for Beginners


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