Fallout Shelter Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Ultimate Vault

Released back in 2015, Fallout Shelter was initially launched as a surprise, as we have announced here on Touch Tap Play. And even though switching to a casual approach to the Fallout series wasn’t met happily by all gamers, Bethesda’s mobile game became a legendary title.

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So we decided to come help you build a perfect Vault with some Fallout Shelter cheats and tips that will help you progress, get better and keep everybody inside your vault happy. There are certainly some things and tricks that you might not know, so read on for our Fallout Shelter tips and tricks in our complete guide!

Since its original launch, Fallout Shelter became available on all platforms – and this guide will help players on any platform, not only those on mobile, even though the guide was originally written with mobile gamers in mind only.

How to have babies in the game?
In your living quarters, make sure that you have at least one male and one female. The higher their charisma, the better, but make sure that they are of similar value (so don’t go with a person with charisma 5 and one with 1).

After a while spent in the Living Quarters, they will go do the wild thing and the lady will get pregnant. This means that soon you will have a baby (there is some waiting you have to do, though, a few hours in real life)

Pro tip: The same guy can father more children. Just keep him in the Living Quarters and send over the ladies. Once pregnant, the lady can carry on doing her job, so you should only keep people in the Living quarters when you want them to try for a baby!

Focus on completing the missions
You can get free Caps, but especially free Lunch Boxes from completing the missions, so always check them out and make sure you do your best to complete them ASAP.

A tip would be to keep your Lunch Boxes for when you are low on resources: you might get lucky and score a bunch of that particular type of resource.

Best way to get loot & XP
Send your best Dwellers with the best armor and weapons out to explore. The more time they spend in the Wasteland, the better the rewards (but higher the dangers).

Early on, don’t keep them more than 30-45 minutes unless you have stimpacks and radaways with you. Don’t forget that you have to recall them – and they must get back alive for you to actually collect all their loot, so never risk it!

Stay safe from Raider attacks
Raider attacks happen randomly, but you can easily fend them off by equipping the best weapons you have to two Dwellers and sending them to the Vault Door room when the raiders attack.

They will get injured, so make sure you switch them out from time to time (they also heal over time automatically). You can also upgrade the Vault Door room to increase its resistance and keep the raiders away for longer periods of time.

Upgrade your rooms and merge / connect them
You should start planning the way your Vault will look like early on. You can – and should – connect up to three rooms of the same type to increase their stats. They also are cheaper to upgrade and perform, overall, better.

For example, upgrading one room costs 250 Caps, while upgrading two connected rooms costs just 375, while production is more than double. So connecting rooms (placing similar room types next to each other) is the only way to go!

Assign your Dwellers to the correct rooms!
Simply drag and drop them around – the number above their heads tells you how good they are for that particular room.

If the room is already full, the number will show the effect the Dweller will have if he or she will replace the worst one (so +2 means that your current Dweller is better suited for the room).

This also keeps them happy, so having the right Dwellers in the correct room is the key in Fallout Shelter.

How to raise happiness
Except from the tip above – keeping them in the rooms they are best suited for, a great way to keep your dwellers happy is to listen to what they’re telling you.

Simply double tap the room with dwellers and read the texts above their heads – they will tell you what they want (or if everything is just fine!)

Low on resources? Here’s a trick!
When you are not in the game, it will not consume resources at the same pace as when you are playing. So when you are low on resources and there’s still a lot of waiting until a new batch is ready, simply leave the game and return in 15 minutes.

Alternately, if you have the energy to keep the rooms going, build a room of the resource that you need: this will instantly give you a few of that type of resource.

How to sell items
Tap the storage icon in the menu (tap the Pip Boy – icon in the lower right corner, then tap the three crates). There you will see your stored items and tapping them will give you the option to sell them.

The Radio Room is extremely important
Build a Radio Room and broadcast to bring in new Survivors and keep your Dwellers happy. The happiness boost only works if there’s somebody working in the room, so make sure that you have it fully staffed for maximum effect!

This would be all for now in terms of Fallout Shelter tips and tricks. If you have questions or any additional suggestions to add, let us know by commenting below.

[UPDATE]: We have even more goodies for you! Click here to check out the Part 2 of our tips and tricks guide, which includes a real Cheat, as well as more advanced advice to build up your Vault!

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Fallout Shelter Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide to Build the Ultimate Vault

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