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Fallout Shelter Cheats, Tips & Strategies: Part 2

Fallout Shelter Cheats, Tips & Strategies: Part 2

Since writing the Fallout Shelter tips and tricks article yesterday, I have been playing the game continuously (and restarted a couple of times to put everything to best practice). And now I am back with even more tips and tricks, including a real Fallout Shelter cheat that will help you progress faster and build the best Vault there can be after the apocalypse.

So let’s not waste any time, I have a lot of very interesting stuff for you – good for more advanced players, too, so let’s check out the Fallout Shelter cheats and tips – Part 2 below:

1. Fallout Shelter Cheat
You can use the so-called “time lapse cheat” in Fallout Shelter with good results. In order to do it, go to your device’s settings after quitting the game and simply set the time forward (usually 15-20 minutes are enough). This cheat ruins a lot the gameplay, but if you want an easy start, that’s how to do it.

In order to get the most out of this cheat (because usually wait times are pretty low), here is what to do: build a massive Vault and fill it with a lot of three room chambers and only place once Dweller inside. The timers will be usually higher, above 10 minutes, but use the cheat to set the time forward. You will have a ton of resources this way – and it’s also useful if you want to stock up on medkits and/or stimpacks.

2. How to remove a Dweller from the Vault
There is no option to kick them out and most likely they will die of old age eventually. But if you don’t want to wait, there is a little exploit you can take advantage of: place just that Dweller, alone, in a room then start using the Rush option. You want it to fail for as many times as possible, until the health bar of that Dweller drops to zero and they die. Now you can replace them with better Dwellers waiting outside.

3. Build the Radio station ASAP!
It’s extremely important because more Dwellers will come to you if you have it built and operated by a person with high Charisma. I build it before building the Medbay and Science Lab (even though these are unlocked first). It’s easier to get Dwellers this way – even though you should always have all the ladies pregnant too!

4. Restart and develop your Vault as you should
The first game is your learning game. Restart, don’t be afraid about that and put everything you now know to good use: only build rooms in sets of three, don’t over-expand and take your time. Make sure that everything is running smoothly before expanding and always upgrade instead of building – building new rooms of the same type is the last thing you need. Keep your Vault small and over-optimized for the best results!

5. How to use Radaways and Stimpacks
Our reader Ben answered this question in our previous guide, but I will publish it here too just in case you missed it in the comments section. The only note I have to add is that you only have to manually add the Stimpacks and Radaways to Dwellers you send out to explore the Wastes. Now here’s how to use them:

If the Dweller has some of their green health bar missing, and it is black, then you can click the stimpack icon and it will heal them. However, if the missing section of the health bar is Red then you need to use Radaway first, then you can use the stimpack to give them the health.

6. How to easily defeat Raiders and Radroaches
We have already talked about defeating Raiders in the previous article, but I have a better strategy now. For Raiders, have two well equipped dwellers ready for intervention (I call them soldiers): Great armor and the best possible weapons you have. Keep them as close to an elevator as possible and send them to the Vault Door as soon as the raiders start knocking. Usually, they will be enough to destroy them.

With Radroaches, have a different approach: hold in your inventory a few weapons (the better they are, the best, but even pistols work) and quickly equip them to your Dwellers when Radroaches strike. Then simply unequip and have them ready for the next infestation.

7. How long to explore for optimum results
Initially, I only kept my survivors exploring the Wasteland for about 60 minutes, but it’s true that the more they explore, the better the rewards. The safest bet (if they have good equipment) is to have them explore 4-6 hours, but if you have a lot of goodies to send them exploring with, you can go for 12 hours easily and get the best possible rewards. You will also get a ton of XP for that Dweller, but he will be pretty unhappy!

8. How to really keep your Dwellers happy
We touched the subject in the previous article, but I have something to add: build the radio tower first! As soon as you have that, you will notice a mood increase. Also, keep the resources in the green to have your Dwellers happy and try to mix girls and boys in the rooms: I am not sure this increases happiness, but that’s how I do it and I’m always at over 90% overall in my Vault.

Hopefully this extra set of tips and tricks has managed to help you even more with understanding the game and getting better at it. Don’t forget to let us know if you need any extra help!

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Fallout Shelter Cheats, Tips & Strategies: Part 2


  1. I have a fully upgraded 3× water treatment plant that somebody died in during a Tad roach attack… Now the people,in it are always at 20% or less mood, and complaining about a dead body smelling.. Or get to,g,it,outta here

  2. Great articles! Just a quick thing to research cuz I can’t figure it out… How does the leveling up work? Some of my characters don’t gain any special points when they level up… Do they have to be in their preferred workplace? Or will they just gain points randomly

  3. Other then the big four… Living Qtrs, Power, Water, & Diner, Do not build a room just because you have the caps. you also need the manpower to run it!

  4. Mike, there may be a dead body in the room with them. Select the body and either pay to revive the vaulter or just remove the body. You can actually revive any dead vaulter, even ones that are out in the wastes. The higher their level, the more expensive the revive.

    I was also wondering if anyone knows how stats get past from parents to children? Will two parents with high strength have a kid with high strength or is it random?

  5. Hi! I’m having a problem with the dead body smell in one of the room. Previously one of the dwellers had died there but I revived him soon after. However the dwellers are still complaining about the smell in the room. Is there a way to
    Fix it or is it a glitch?

    • I have had the same issue too. I checked for dead bodies, and checked the list of dwellers to see if anyone had died (I’ve had corpses disappear on me before but be visible in the list). Anyone else have any ideas? Maybe I have to delete the whole room and start over?

  6. how do you get rid of the red in the health bar? all my people have red and it just keeps growing. i will heal one with the radaway – totally green – and then he is red again just like everyone else.

    • Keep your food and water levels in the green. your radiation and health will slowly heal over time. use rad packs and stim packs in emergencies like a rad roach or wasteland invader event

  7. Also, cost to revive a dead dweller is based on level. the higher the level the higher the cost. Also, dead bodies decrease in rad poisioning over time too if you keep the water and food in the green

    lvl 01: 100?
    lvl 02: 120?
    lvl 03: 140?
    lvl 04: 160?
    lvl 05: 180
    lvl 06: 200?
    lvl 07: 220?
    lvl 08: 240
    lvl 09: 260?
    lvl 10: 280?
    lvl 11: 300
    lvl 12: 320

    RadRoaches will pop in both populated and unpopulated rooms (1 invasion killed 6 of my dwellers :( )

  8. When you send dwellers out to explore the waste land, they are recalled back in half the time they were gone, and they do not suffer any damage or radiation on their way back. So you can literally let them explore until they are almost dead – recall them back – and they’ll still be alive by the time they get back to the vault

  9. So you can fast forward time to get more resources. But then when you reset time back to what time it really is, it takes like an hour or however long you fast forwarded time. Is there any way around this?

    • there’s no way around it that i know, but i just pressed the “rush” option and failed 4 times, succeded 7 times and thats how it goes back to normal

      • I had the same problem. The rushing thing works, but the radio tower will stay mest up. What you do to reset the radio tower is delete it and wait a couple hours to rebuild it.

    • The way i’ve found is:

      fast forward time until your happy with what you have

      Then when you are finished DO NOT collect the final resources.

      Turn the time back to normal and collect the resources you were due to collect in the future

      Done :)

  10. I had a few people die in my water treatment plant and I revived all of them but the people working in that room are still complaining about a dead body and they’re moods will not increase. I have checked everywhere for a body and looked through the list of dwellers and there is no one dead at all. Is there a way to fix this?

  11. I had a funny glitch that allowed me too double the amount of stimpaks i could give to a dweller heading out into the wastelands. Max i can add to a dweller is 25 or each. However, just as i had clicked on the button to let him explore, raiders came, which stopped him from going out. But the stimpaks and radaways were gone. I thought i had lost it, until i sent him out again. Once more i added 25 of each and sent him out. Once out he now has 50 of each for a double length of time out in the wastes.
    When anyone is at a door when raiders attcak, they run off screen, so i guess it’s the same fro people heading in the opposite direction.

  12. Easiest way I found to dump an unwanted character is to send his/her useless carcass into the wasteland with a vault suit and their bare hands. When they get their @$$ kicked to death, bury them. Done.

    • But!! I can’t collect anything from the wasteland. Nor do they die because nothing shows up when you check on them. I must have did to much time relapse, one for 10 hours then 24hr so on and so forth. In my radio station I have 33 hours till someone comes, I’m hoping it is resolved once that time ends. If not looks like imma have to build a new vault ):

  13. I have just started playing this game over the past couple days. I must say YOUR GUIDE IS THE BEST SO FAR I HAVE FOUND. It makes sense. I am a micro manager, and just lubb these types of games. The original Sims comes to mind in a way.
    This is the best I have run across. Now I realize you don’t have to build in ORDER of how things are unlocked. My only question is how to keep them happy, you answered that one, my other is how to increase their specialties. I will finish reading all of the comments, but again, take your bow….keep the tips and tricks COMING>..

    • Thank you! Later on in the game you will unlock rooms where you will be able to train their skills – that’s the only way to increase the numbers.

  14. I AM BACK again. I have deleted all my vaults but one, I want to see how low it can go
    . I watched them all go from 100 down to less than 10% happy. they were all in the right rooms, outfitted with gear, I lost a few in the wasteland, no problem with that.
    I had the Radio Room, nobody came. Charisma was 3 on all 4 in there
    Had babies galore. I ran low a couple times on food, and water. Never on Power. But the rooms were upgraded. I have this game on my tablet and my phone, and they all come out the same in two days.
    The farthest I have got was getting up to the Classroom.
    No one stays happy. that’s the only bum part about this game. I am about to go back to the Pearl Games, where you just build the buildings, no people. lol.
    the most interesting part is reading the progress of them in the Wasteland, that is hilarious.
    I am one of the gamers who refuse to spend money to get anything extra. I think that is the catch if you want to keep lunch boxes. I hadn’t had one in over 48 hours in my Q.
    But your guide is still the best around.

    • Thanks! I have never bought lunchboxes, and with a bit of practice, you will see that you need none to thrive. I am still running my original vault since the game was launched and never had any problems. Good luck!

  15. all of my dwellers say that they can feel a hand coming out of their stomachs, that their skin is glowing, and that they can feel their fingernails breaking off. do you know how i can fix this? they need to keep working because my food, water, and electricity are always running low.

    • They are suffering from radiation, so use RadAways on them to cure them (then use Stimpacks, or just wait for them to be completely healed). But keep your resources in the green, otherwise this will keep happening, as water on the red is a source of radiation.

  16. So one of my dwellers died in the wasteland with a bunch of stuff but i cant afford to revive him. I was wondering if i get his stuff if i remove him. Or does it all go away?

  17. No matter who I put in my hospital they become instantly sad.
    I have 200 dwellers and my vault is comfortably at 80+%
    I switch ppl in and out regularly and try to use ppl with high intelligence but no matter who I put in they become instantly sad.
    Any suggestions?

  18. I know this is an old thread so here goes, in radio room to get new dwellers build up to three rooms and equip with high C and make sure you fill the room with as many workers it will hold. This keeps the dwellers happy. Now I’m playing on an android device so I**** have no clue. As for not having the resources look for the mysterious stranger in your vault, he drops caps ranging (that I have seen) 50 to 4,000. Med and Sci labs need high intelligent in their special. The lower the special the longer it takes in any given resource room. Luck on any dweller helps get caps for that resource room when collecting, helps rushes be successful. The higher the luck on more dwellers makes resources produce faster also. Send high special dwellers into the wild for better gear, equip with endurance and luck gear for it. I send one with 25 stim and 10 rads for a couple of days, still comes back with 8 stim and 5 rads.
    That’s all I can remember at this time. Oh and I’ve only been playing a week.

  19. is there a way to keep tabs on your pets?
    I have a number of pets but am missing Bombay, Persian, and Shadow.
    I’ve checked each one of my 183 people and the cats are not in any of their pet spot.

  20. Any update on the invisible dead person bug? It seems like I was attacked, attackers got killed, body’s are gone but my dwellers continue to be sad due to a dead body in The room. No dead body’s to be found though. How do I fix this?


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