Almost a Hero Guide: Tips & Cheats to Reach the End of the Game

Almost a Hero is an idle/tapping game that has been around for a while now, but thanks to constant updates and general awesomeness, it’s still extremely enjoyable and fun.

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And since we had no guide for the game, we’re here today to right the wrongs and share with you a complete Almost a Hero tips and cheats article, a complete guide that will help you from the early stages to the end game challenges, so that you get there faster than the rest.

You’re going to have to play a lot and spend a ton of time with this game, but fortunately it’s all fun, so no problems here. With these in mind, let’s just check out the Almost a Hero guide below!

Build your team around damage dealing

There are many things to consider in this game and we’re going to cover them all in today’s guide, but the most important aspect in the game is building a solid team, one that will get you as far as possible and earn you the highest possible number of Mythstones.

While you can check out the list of the best heroes in the game here, it’s worth checking out some basics below as well:

My personal opinion is that you should always build a team around dealing damage. The DPS (damage per second) matters a lot, but also their personal skills. Finally, it matters at what stage you are in the game and how much you have upgraded one hero over the other.

For example, many people say that they have great success with bringing Bellylarf into their team, but I only have him at 1 star and currently there are better options out there. So always use your most evolved heroes, because that’s what will help you the most early on.

Once you have most heroes (or the main ones) to 4 stars, I recommend a team with Vexx, Hilt, Kind Lenny, Handsum Jim (or Lia if you want to go more offensive) and Bellylarf.

This type of team is heavily focused on all types of damage – constant, passive damage, as well as ring damage and skill damage. You can literally fly through the stages with such a team!

Get as many artifacts as possible

The only thing you should be spending Diamonds on early in the game (until later, actually), is unlocking new Artifact slots.

Generally, getting a new artifact – even if it’s not an insanely useful one, gives you a bigger bonus than upgrading existing artifacts.

I currently have 15 artifact slots open (and not all of them filled) and my plan is to work on getting more artifacts first, then upgrade them. I realized this relatively late in the game (after 3-4 prestiges) and after already upgrading some of my artifacts, but it’s not a huge problem.

So do this also: get as many artifacts as possible until you run out of diamonds, then work on them to increase your Hero’s Damage first, Gold income second and finally ring damage (since you’ll cause the least amount of damage per run this way).

Keep your artifacts at highest possible levels & reroll

Once you have a lot of artifacts unlocked and getting a new one is way to expensive, you should start upgrading them and evolving them.

Every time you evolve an artifact, it will give you an additional bonus which is usually extremely helpful. Even better, if you’re not completely satisfied with the bonus offered, you can simply reroll it until you get something you like.

Early on, I don’t think you should focus on rerolling too often, though. Wait until you have most of your Artifacts at Purple level (with three bonuses unlocked), and start rerolling afterwards if needed.

Your main goal is to get as many artifacts to the highest possible level as fast as possible, and only afterwards work on perfecting them to give you the exact bonuses that you need.

Don’t forget to equip and upgrade trinkets

Sooner rather thank later, you will unlock trinkets in Almost a Hero. These offer additional bonuses to your heroes and the best part about them is that they can be equipped and unequipped, or even scraped.

It will be quite some time until you will get to a point where you will afford to start destroying trinkets (simply because having even the weakest one is better than having none), so until then, just focus on equipping the trinkets to your main heroes and try to match them with their existing boosts, if available.

But even randomly equipping trinkets to your starting heroes will help a lot – so if you still don’t know the game extremely well, just equip them and you will learn as you play if changes need to be done.

Focus on evolving your heroes

As you play the game, you will get Items that your Heroes can equip – usually from the free boxes that you get every 4 hours, but you can also spend Diamonds on Chests (don’t do that yet!)

The items are offered randomly and they vary in quality, but as soon as one hero has 3 items of the same quality level, you can Evolve that said hero for a massive boost in Health and Damage.

Although you will only use 5 Heroes in the main Campaign, it doesn’t hurt to work on Evolving all heroes to at least 2 stars, as you get the equipment pieces required to do that.

The main reason why you want this is the Challenges stage, where you will usually send the unused heroes – and where you will still need them to be as strong as possible in order to be able to get past the more advanced ones.

But I think that evolving the heroes you don’t use above 2 stars is a waste of resources, so after you get there, focus on Evolving your top 5 to a level as high as possible.

Vexx is in my opinion the best choice here, followed by Hilt. So these two heroes would be good picks for evolving to the highest possible levels ASAP.

Choose your favorite ring and keep tapping!

Apart from the heroes that you have and managing them, you also have a ring to choose from. This is done each time you restart and the ring will influence greatly the way your tapping goes on the screen.

I personally have a lot of success with the starting ring – the Ice Ring – which deals massive damage when tapping, has no requirements for cool-down and is, for a while, the one that has the most runes attached to it.

So since I am not at a stage where I have all rings with all runes available, I would say that the starting ring is best: you tap continuously without caring too much where and you deal a lot of damage. That’s a win in my books!

Don’t forget about the Time Challenges!

The Time Challenges are available at all times in the Home menu. You can play them while the main Campaign mode is playing as well, which makes it a great option to get some nice boosts while waiting to get your main heroes ready for the next level up in the campaign.

The Time Challenges don’t play idle, meaning that if you leave them, they won’t auto-play. They are paused when you leave, so you can return whenever you want to continue playing them.

Once you have some heroes evolved and some artifacts upgraded, the Time Challenges are really simple and they should be played often because they usually come with great rewards.

My recommendation is not to keep your main heroes busy with these challenges and try to complete them with secondary heroes and rings instead.

Take advantage of all the freebies you’re being offered

The game does offer you a ton of freebies, even though these are not always completely free – and you will have to watch an advertisement to get some sort of bonus.

But always keep an eye on the offers: you get a free chest every several hours, you have the option to watch ads for free gems, and every now and then the “Flash offers” will give you the chance of collecting some resources for free.

Don’t forget to get the Social Networks bonuses from the Offers menu in the store: that’s 150 free Diamonds that are easy to get. Note: You don’t really have to like or follow the game on the social media channels to get the rewards.

Finally, you have the flying demons that appear on the screen every now and then. One will always give you some sort of a boost if you tap it, while the other will usually have free coins for you – or even Diamonds and Mythstones.

Different strategies for the different in-game stages

You should always start a game thinking about the moment you will Prestige and start over. The most important questions you have to ask is: how far will I get?

Progress through the stages is difficult after reaching stage 300, and you will need to Prestige a few times in order to level up your Artifacts and improve your heroes in order to be able to get to 500 and so on.

When progress becomes too difficult or it takes you too long to get to a new stage, it’s usually a better idea to simply prestige and put the Mythstones you earn to some good use and boost your overall damage and earnings.

However, you should always start a game considering the stage you are at: early on in Almost a Hero it’s usually better to have a money-focused hero like V in your squad in order to maximize gold gains and upgrades.

Later on, you will unlock artifacts which will make these income-focused heroes pretty much useless in my opinion and you will get better gains from bringing damage-oriented (or even a support if you don’t have any) heroes to your team, as you will get farther each time.

Use the Time Warps to your advantage

An extremely useful feature that you unlock in the game early on is the Time Warp boost that you can get from the Merchant Deals menu in the Prestige screen.

That Time Warp is extremely useful early on, as it speeds up time, helping your squad of heroes get faster to a more advanced stage in the game. So use these often in order to progress faster.

My recommended approach here is to use the first one soon after Prestiging: play without one until you have your first 3-4 heroes unlocked and leveled up a bit, then get your first Time Warp.

With it activated, you will have your full squad up and running in no time. Wait a bit after your first Time Warp expires, build up your heroes by spending the level up points and buy whatever upgrades are necessary and available, then use the second one.

This way, you can get close to stage 300 extremely fast, in maybe your first 10 minutes after a prestige.

Leave the game sit for a while, upgrade your heroes even more (maybe go offline for a couple of hours), then come back, level up everything that’s available and use your third Time Warp.

Mythical Artifacts and unlock order

Much later in the game, starting somewhere at around Stage 600, you start unlocking some very special Mythical Artifacts which give you massive advantages in Almost a Hero.

Make it your goal to get as many of these Mythical Artifacts as fast as possible. You will always get them in a specific order and the more you have, the better.

Here is the list of Mythical Artifacts in the game, and the order you get them in (via Reddit):

  • Slots 1 and 2: DPS Matter or Life Boat
  • Slot 3: Broken Teleporter
  • Slots 4 and 5: Free Exploiter or Autotransmuter
  • Slot 6: Custom Tailor
  • Slots 7 and 8: Lazy Finger or Goblin Lure
  • Slot 9: Half Ring
  • Slot 10: Shiny Object
  • Slot 11: Large Artifact Tuner
  • Slot 12: Old Crucible
  • Slot 13: Fixed Teleporter
  • Slots 14 and 15: Bodily Harm and Corpus Imperium
  • Slots 16, 17 and 18: Impatient Relic, Band-Aid Relic, Blunt Relic
  • Slot 19: Champion’s Bounty
  • Slot 20: Crest of Usefulness
  • Slot 21: Crest of Sturdiness
  • Slot 22: Crest of Violence
  • Slots 23 and 24: Discount Coupon and Death Cheater
  • Slot 25: Dig Dig

These would be our Almost a Hero tips and tricks. If you have additional strategies that work well, don’t hesitate to let us know by sharing your comments below.

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Almost a Hero Guide: Tips & Cheats to Reach the End of the Game

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