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There are 21 weapons in Standoff 2, divided into 5 types. It seems to be a little, but in fact, it creates a huge variability. The difference between each of them is noticeably high.

Players prefer to arm themselves based on their own priorities. However, if you study the guns in more detail, you can identify the most popular weapons. Let’s take a look at the list of the best guns in Standoff 2, based on the preferences of players!

Pistols: Desert Eagle

This is the most lethal pistol in Standoff 2. With it, you can kill an enemy with one accurate shot! However, handling the Desert Eagle is very difficult. Strong recoil and a small supply of bullets play a cruel joke with beginners. Therefore, if you do not have the skills to play with this pistol, we recommend that you first visit the training ground mode and shoot at moving targets.

There is also a Tec-9 pistol, which is not that powerful, but it shoots fast.

Shotguns: SM1014

In the early stages of the development of Standoff 2, shotguns were considered the worst and most useless weapons. Beginners could not play with them due to inexperience, and professionals preferred machine guns and sniper rifles, even when shooting at a short distance.

The work on the balance did a small miracle, and now shotguns are often found in matches. One of the best shotguns is the SM1014. It has an increased rate of fire, nice mobility, and armor penetration.

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Submachine guns: P90

The P90 is the fastest-firing gun in Standoff 2. Its low damage is compensated by the number of rounds in the magazine, mobility, and armor penetration. Here we have a separate guide on this gun.

Rifles: M4

This is the most competitive weapon category in Standoff 2. It is recommended to choose the M4 as it is the more controllable and predictable rifle on the list. It has nice damage as well as a high rate of fire.

As an alternative, you can take a cheaper FAMAS. And if you want hardcore, then when playing in a team of terrorists, buy AKR!

Sniper Rifles: AWM

There is no alternative to this sniper rifle. AWM is an analog of AWP from the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game, the most lethal and slowest sniper rifle in the category.

It is difficult to play with it since the cost of a miss is too high. Especially if you are shooting at medium range. Remember that AWM is quite expensive to buy, and therefore carefully calculate the money, especially in competitive games.

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