When choosing a weapon in Standoff 2, players look for the lethality of shots or the speed of firing bullets at the opponent. The first category occupies almost the entire range of guns. But there are much fewer rapid-fire guns capable of compensating for the lack of power by the speed of emptying the horn.

The symbol of the second category of weapons is the P90 submachine gun. At first, playing with it may seem strange and confusing, but you just need to get used to the recoil and rate of fire, and then your match results will increase many times over! In this guide on P90 in Standoff 2, we will tell you how to play with it.

How to Play With the P90 in Standoff 2?

There are 3 aspects that will help you achieve many kills with P90 in Standoff 2:

  • Mobility.
  • Large ammunition.
  • Rapprochement with the enemy.

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Mobility in shooters is one of the most important aspects of a successful match. A sense of dynamics, pace, and rhythm allows you to better master new weapons and use them more efficiently. With the P90, you can go behind cover and change firing points faster than enemies with other guns. Even a small speed advantage is enough to get out of the environment of opponents.

The P90 in Standoff 2 holds 50 bullets. Many will argue that due to its rate of fire bullets are wasted just as quickly as standard ammo on other weapons. But this is true only if you do not know how to handle a weapon and prefer to mindlessly press the trigger, firing 30 bullets at one enemy. You should learn to close the distance, aim, and shoot in short bursts. The secret to success lies in skill.

Remember that the effectiveness of the P90 increases as the distance with your opponent decreases. Use various covers and dash from side to side to get to the enemy and send him to the spawn point.


The P90 is an excellent weapon that costs little money to purchase and is perfect for those who know how to close the distance to the enemy. In the hands of experienced players, this submachine gun is a great match-winning tool. Train to unleash its potential not only when getting close to other players, but also by shooting from afar.

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